22 May 2012

Wordless: Brynn's Party

Well the party on Saturday went off without a hitch.  The weather was absolutely perfect. It was actually kinda hot and ahem, mama forgot the sun block.  {My sister saved the day!}

Miss Brynn was so excited about her big day... she kept saying "yay, birthday party!"  Here's my pretty girl as we were about to leave...

And then I died of the cute.  I mean seriously!?! And how adorable is that party dress?  {Thank you Zulily!}

The farm where we had the party is just one of my favorite places in the world.  We go there every year for our pumpkins & hayrides and to chop down our Christmas tree.  I've never been in the spring before {though we totally want to go back for strawberry picking!} and it was just as gorgeous as ever.

The party itself included food, drinks, cake, playground passes, a hayride and food to feed all the farm animals.  I also purchased train tickets for all the kiddos on top of that {which we didn't even need because there was so much to do, but the kids loved it! Okay fine, I did too.}

Here are a few pictures from Saturday...

I die a little every time I look at that first picture.  It's classic Brynn.  Her sweet little face and her crazy hair.  I love everything about it.
Collage 1

Daddy & Mama with the birthday girl!
Collage 2

Hayride time!  Here's Brynn getting the "birthday apple" picked fresh right from a tree {and cleaned ;}  Of course, Carter had to have a turn holding the birthday apple too.  We cut it up and ate it on Saturday night and it was DELICIOUS!
Collage 3

Of course, every party girl needs an outfit change.  Here's Brynn in her "I am 2" shirt.  LOVE.
Collage 6

More park time!  {Those eyes.}
Collage 8

Carter the Farmer Man.
Collage 5

Train rides!
Collage 7

Let them eat cake.  Brynn was practicing blowing out the candles all morning before the party.  She did great {but needed a little help from mama... shhh ;}
Collage 9

And last, but certainly not least, the adorable party favors that my sister had her friend make.  I mean, could they BE any cuter!?!  The barn tag says "Thank 'moo' for coming to Brynn's 2nd Birthday Party!" and each farm animal had a kiddos name on it.
Collage 10

My sweet girl actually turns 2 tomorrow.  Bob and I have off from work and we plan to spend the day at the zoo with the birthday girl {and Carter of course!}  They are just so excited about going to the zoo, and frankly? So are we.

We may even be more excited than the kids.
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Happy Wordless Wednesday and wishing a very happy birthday to my sweet, sweet girl!


alicia said...

Adorable place! What a fun party!!

Unknown said...

These pictures are fabulous. Happy 2nd Birthday!!

Mimi N said...

Looks like an amazing day! Love those cookies!!

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

Looks (and sounds) like you had a great time!! Lvoe the cookies. Happy birthday Brynn

kewkew said...

Oh my, what a wonderful way to celebrate her birthday! Looks awesome. I love the cake and the cookies. And she is such a sweetie

Michelle said...

I love the faded, yellowed quality of these photos -- excellent!

Danielle S said...

What a neat place to visit! Thanks for sharing.

Danielle @ Royalegacy

Steph said...

Looks like such a great time! I am so bummed we had to miss it!

momto8 said...

everything looks so fun and amazing....good for all of you!

Jeannie said...

What a fantastic party!!

Christy Ann said...

I really enjoyed looking at these! Your kids are adorable and the photos are great!

OrangeHeroMama said...

Awww! Looks like an amazing time!! <3

Aleksandra Nearing said...

Great photos! Happy birthday to your little one!

Joanna said...

Love these pics! So cute!!

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!!

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

very cute!

Gina Kleinworth said...

How fun!!!! I love the location, the favors & of course you guys are like the most adorable family ever!

molly said...

I cannot believe she's two already (Briggy either!). It seems like just yesterday you and I were wondering when we would have them.

She is just adorable. Happy birthday, Brynnie girl!

Ms POSH said...

Aw- happy birthday!

Have a great WW!

Mindi @ Simply Stavish said...

Adorable party theme!! Hope your sweet girl had a great day and have fun at the zoo!

Susan said...

Oh what a precious party for your big girl.

She is adorable!!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

What a cute party! Looks like an awesome place too! Brynn is so cute and has grown alot!

Alex Green said...

That dress is darling! (I love yours too!)

Happy birthday Brynn!

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