13 April 2012

Y3W | Playtime with Dad!

Is there anything sweeter than a dad who will do just about anything to make his kids laugh?
I think not.
{Why yes, those are butterfly ears on Bob's head. What's it to you?}

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Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Steph said...

That's a good look for Bob!

Christa Cox said...

so sweet!
Jeff is the same way!

Kate said...

Carter's big smile is so contagious! What cute kiddos you have!

Jenni said...

I didn't initially notice the butterfly ears but immediately noticed the Phillies game on in the background and the always darling Shane Victorino! Yum.

Love your kids smiles!

Samantha said...

Beautiful blog!

Stopping by from the Young & Restless Hop!


Lisa @bitesforbabies said...

How sweet! Reminds me of the "crazy" things my dad used to do for us!

Julia @ Julia's Math said...

And not to mention what one will do for prevent a meltdown. Especially in public... The checkout line with all the candy at Target comes to mind...

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