27 March 2012

Wordless | Victory

Our weekends have been full of toddler birthday parties lately and while Bob and I are both dragging our feet come Monday, the kids have been having a ball.

For this Wordless Wednesday post, I want to just show you something so sweet that happened at one of the said birthday parties. I swear, I almost died of the cute. It was at Bounce U and because it was on a Saturday morning, they decided to make it a pajama party.

Anyway, Carter? I knew he'd have a blast.
That kid loves anything that involves slides, jumping and any kind of sport. {Last week he literally said "Oh, golf!" and wanted to watch a pro golf tournament on TV, in which I then started to gauge my eyes out.}

Okay, so the cute I was talking about earlier? Brynn.

I was concerned about how much fun she'd have at a Bounce U party considering that it makes me nervous to throw her in there with a bunch of rowdy toddlers. She had fun just running around and watching everyone until she got to the obstacle course bouncey.

She LOVED it. She went through it over and over and over again. Climbing up {with Poppy's help} sliding down and going through the tunnel.
So this is the part where I almost died. Every time she went through the course? She ran back to the start with her hands up in the air, cheering for herself.


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momto8 said...

pure fun!

Breanna said...

Oh my gosh! How adorable is she? :) That place sounds like tons of fun! :)

Unknown said...

Looks like so much fun!!


P.S. I LOVE your blog name...Jenni from the blog..hahah ;)

tahlia @ the parenting files said...

fantastic! what a blast!

Unknown said...

LOVE the last picture! TOO cute!!

Amanda said...

So adorable!

Unknown said...

I love the vision of her running with her arms up. So adorable!

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how crazy busy the weekends are lately? It's insane! : ) It's like I look forward to going back to work on Mondays for the break ; )

kewkew said...

how cute, loads of fun.
Love that last shot

Amy Nielson said...

oh my. the hands in the air are killing me. so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy WW!

Stacy Uncorked said...

:::dead::: here, too! ;) So CUTE!!!

Angry Birds: Space Needle

Andrea said...

Her hair is getting so long!!! That totally would have killed me too!

Unknown said...

So sweet!! A PJ party sounds like such a great idea!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh...precious little girl!! haha!! Look at her hands up! So funny and sweet

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