15 March 2012


So this past weekend, my sister and her hubs had the opportunity to get away to a bed and breakfast and they took full advantage. Kristi's in-laws watched her two older kids {Ben & Grace} while this little sweet pea was shipped off to us...
I mean can she BE any cuter!?!

Reese is exactly like Brynn was as a baby... totally easy going, happy anywhere you put her and as long as she's fed and changed, you'd never even know she was there. Just one of the sweetest babies ever. I was so glad to be able to spend time with just her over the weekend... as a 5th grandchild in the family {and one who doesn't make a lot of noise at that} it's sometimes hard to find time to just squeeze her a little longer!

I also thought this weekend would be great practice for life with 2 toddlers and a baby. Three kids? Awesome. We can totally do this.

So, everything was going swimmingly on Friday night and most of the day Saturday. At one point all 3 were napping AT THE SAME TIME and as I drifted off into dream land myself I thought "Holy hell, this 3 kiddo thing is a piece of cake!" {Mmmm, cake.}

And just then Brynn awoke from her nap puking everywhere and the universe laughed in my face.

The rest of Saturday night was pure hell as I was holding Brynn while she threw up for hours and Bob was in charge of Reese and Carter.

After hour number two of this, I went into semi-panic mode as I thought "Shit, we're outnumbered." Hello, yes I thought of that when we first got pregnant, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. OMG, we're totally outnumbered now. This 3 kiddo thing? Really isn't going to be that easy. What were we thinking!?!?!

:::breathes into paper bag:::

But as Brynn started to feel a little better just before bed and was able to keep down liquids into Sunday morning and all was "normal" again, I looked around......and thought... "This 3 kiddo thing may not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it."

Some might call this weekend an epic fail, but since we survived what I would think to be a "worst-case scenario" I'd call it a roaring success. All three kids are still alive and Bob and I are no more crazy than we were before we started.

Three kids? Awesome. We can totally do this.


mommatojoa said...

It's definitely hard being outnumbered especially when all three are sick and throwing up (thank goodness it doesn't happen often).

It's totally worth it and I love my kiddos so much.

Each kiddo is a blessing!

Not that I need to tell you this, I am sure you already know :)

kacy said...

they are so stinkin cute. i love them!

Anonymous said...

You did great! You guys will be fine :)

Phase Three of Life said...

I needed this... I've been worrying lately that we'll never even be able to handle two. You've calmed me down. So thank you. :)

ana {bluebirdkisses} said...

I think it will probably be a bit of an adjustment at first but then you will get into a routine. And yes it will be completely worth it. I want 3 kiddos too...so I'll be right there with you in a few years :D

Sara said...

As the Mom of three, currently all under 4 (3, 2.5 and 7 months), I will say that FOR ME having three was an easier adjustment than having two.

As a SAHM, I am home all day alone with all three and trying to juggle it all by myself. It is no easy task, but I haven't been institutionalized yet! :)

In fact, we have had such a good time with three that we have decided to go for #4 at the end of this year. Call us crazy, but someday they will all be in school and I will get my sanity back then!!

Brandy Bruce said...

You can totally do it! I think the main thing is learning to deal with a lot of crying and whining (I'm working on this at the moment). If you can tune it out, you're golden.

Shannon said...

Three is so much fun!! Cute blog and jumpin on over here from restless blog hop! :)http://bellabeanphoto.com/Blog/

torie@twentyfivedesign said...

You guys will do great! I agree with a previous commenter who said about the whining. I can't stand when Rylie whines so having 2 whining and then a baby will drive me batty. But like you said, it will be worth it. Adorable kiddos!

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