10 February 2012

Y3W | World's Easiest Appetizer!

Yes, I'm about to blog about cooking. Crazy, right? {Hey, stop laughing!} Okay, okay... you guys know I don't really cook. I make a total of maybe 3 things? Well, this is one of them.

Jenni's World Famous Taco Bean Dip
And by Jenni's, I clearly mean, my mom's.
And by
World Famous, I clearly mean that I make this dip for every party I go too and people are probably sick of it.

Except their not. Because it's so damn good.

This is seriously the easiest appetizer to make. Ever. You ready for this...
Bean Dip Pin
Yep, that's just about it. And it takes that long too.

What you need:
1 block of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 cans of Hormel Chili {but you can certainly use homemade}
1 small pack of ground beef
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese

Cooking instructions:
  1. Fry up the ground beef until it's cooked thoroughly. Drain excess oil from the pan.
  2. Put the 2 cans of chili directly into the frying pan with the ground beef and cook for about 10-15 minutes until the chili is clearly mixed in well and thoroughly heated. Set aside.
  3. Take a small oven-ready bowl and spread the Philadelphia cream cheese evenly along the bottom {the back of a spoon works best for this!}
  4. Pour the chili and ground beef mixture on top of the cream cheese {it's okay if it's still hot!}
  5. At this point you can set this aside to cool and then cover and place in the fridge until the party {it's okay over night too!} or you can cook it right away.
  6. Bake on 350 for 20 minutes
  7. Sprinkle shredded cheese over the dip and place back into the oven until cheese is melted
  8. Serve hot with tortilla chips and enjoy!
Pretty easy, huh? And again, it's always a HUGE hit! Happy cooking =)
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Have a lovely weekend!


Unknown said...

That looks amazing!! Yum! And easy!!

Ashley @MamaOfAllTrades said...

I love this. I bet you'd like making the crock pot buffalo chicken dip. Just as easy and so yummy!

Almost Irish Twins said...


Andrea said...

This is my go to app! Although I don't add the ground beef, i just use the can. So lazy.

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Yummy! My MIL makes something similar to this...just without the beef. I'll have to try making it with the beef added though!

Sarah @ Vol Family Life said...

This looks delicious!!!

Sarah said...

Yum that looks delish! I love easy apps!!!

Mindi said...

That looks super easy and yummy! Must try it out this weekend.

Jen said...

I LOVE this dip! I've been making it for years but never with the ground meat. I'll have to try it with that added ingredient next time. YUMMY! :D

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