28 February 2012

Call for Sponsors | March

Oh Brynnie Bug, you're just too cute. But mama's a little worried about you already, walking around in just bunny slippers and all...

Anyway, this month kinda got away from me and I know I'm a little late for March {!!!} call for sponsors. So, if you'd like to become a sponsor this month, I'd just need your ad button, link to your shop/site/blog, and payment via PayPal. That's it!

Before you jump on this delightful opportunity, here is a little more info on my ad options and blog stats:

Monthly Pageviews: 75,000
All-time Pageviews: 935,000+
Google Friend Connect: 1,795+
{Public- 1,045+ | Private- 750+}
RSS Feedburner: 1,380+
Twitter: 1,060+
Facebook : 815+

Large ad spots are sold out for the month of March, but they're both open for April so book now!

Ad Boxes2
You can order below or email me with your questions!

Order now... just pick your ad size & month:
Month of pending sponsorship:

Again, just email me your link and ad button and pay via PayPal above. Easy peasy. I look forward to working with you! =)


Real Housewife said...

She is really slimming down, you can see it in her face! How does it feel to have only one monster kid now? ;)

jenni from the blog said...

^ Ha! I was just talking about that with a coworker this morning! I was going to start buying spring/summer clothes for her and she's STILL in a 2T! I'm not use to one of my kids being in the same size that long... she's been in a 2T for a year!

Skinny minny! But still bigger than average for her age (like 75%tile, lol)

Carter on the other hand? 5T at 3 years old.

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