02 December 2011

Y3W | Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Friday! I put together a "little" gift guide of what's on everyone's Christmas wish list this year {mama & daddy included ;} However, what this doesn't include are some of the wonderful things that our families are getting for the kiddos. They are so spoiled that I just couldn't fit it all on here!

So here are just a few of our favorite things...
Gift Guide

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{I must add that the wooden kitchen set that I just ADORE? It's ridiculously expensive. Has anyone seen any deals on cute wooden sets like that?}


Andplusalso? Because I love you guys so much, here's a free printable that I made. I think any mom of a toddler must say this phrase at least 54,925 times. A day. {I also remember my mom saying this to us when we were kids, hehe.}

You can click here to get it, then just save to your computer and print as an 8x10! =)
Telling Santa

And, after all that, don't forget to link up below!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! We're heading out tomorrow morning to chop down our tree and Bob and I are SOOOOOOO excited about it! Carter really knows what's going on this year, so it has been so fun to be apart of his little happy world =) Miss Brynn? Well she just keeps yelling "lights" and "pretty!" and "Chrisfmus" and "allll aboard!" {yeah, we watch Polar Express way too much.}

Oh, and Sunday? We're headed to see Santa. Prepare yourselves for another lovely picture ;) Don't know what I'm talking about? See Carter Hates Santa Part I and Part II. I'm fully expecting a Part III this year, except with 2 screaming kids. It will be twice the fun! =)


Nina said...

I just ordered this kitchen for my daughter (who's 1 month younger than Brynn. It has the same "feel" as the one you posted, but much cheaper! - http://www.playkitchens.com/play-kitchens/kitchens/kidkraftpinkargylekitchen.cfm?source=emlmktg&tid=email_747

Unknown said...

The flash bouncer is awesome! I was hoping for a Speedlite, but that's a great,cheap, temporary solution! I may have to add that to my list. :)

Good luck with the tree and Santa pics. We're bringing the girls tonight. Kendall I think will love it, but Sydney...maybe not as much. :)

Jenna said...

I LOVE my Cannon 50MM prime lense. By far the most used lense in my case and it really takes the best picture! Hope you get it! :-)

Unknown said...

I love it...I just posted on my blog about Christmas...mind if I link up your suggestions too?

O wants a "hotwheels" loopdy loop track too! We thought about a kitchen for B...but we decided to push it off a year.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Nina- Thanks for the link! There are a few there that I like =)

jenni from the blog said...

@ Amy- Of course!

Jill @ Momma Totally in Love said...

Great list! I have the same lens and slippers on my list! I also got Ava that same cabbage doll (but with brown hair for my lil brunette!) Can I ask what program you used to make this? awesome!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Jill- Photoshop & Power Point =)

mel said...

Lexie loves the ball popper! And don't forget my deal with the kitchen :)

Danyiel said...

http://www.walmart.com/ip/Kid-Kraft-Large-Play-Kitchen/9916870 or this one, which I love and for only $113 its adorable http://www.walmart.com/ip/KidKraft-Vintage-Kitchen-in-Pink/13442823.

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