11 November 2011

Y3W | Anniversary. Times two.

10 years ago today, I started dating the man of my dreams and 5 years ago today I married him.

And on this day, 11.11.11, a day that I have thought about for so long in complete awe that we would hit such milestones in our relationship on such an amazing day, I reflect back on the time we've had together.

I can not believe it's been 10 years. We've been together nearly 1/3 of our lives. We've been through so much in that time: falling in love, laughing, crying, fighting, consoling, weddings, babies, vacations. So much. For all the bad times that we've had, there were a million more that were good and I can not imagine spending my life with a better husband. A better father. A better person. Or a better friend.

You can see all of my favorite wedding pics here but below are the ones that I look at so often that I don't know how I'd remember the details of our gorgeous day without them.

November 11, 2006 | Laura Novak Photography

And to my husband- happy anniversary honey! I am so lucky to have a man like you as my husband and father of my children. And as we reflect back on all the years that we've had, I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. For our family.

With everything that I am, I love you.
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I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! We're headed to the movies and dinner later and then spending the rest of the weekend loving on our babies! =)

Happy 11.11.11!


Andrea said...


Andrea said...

Ps. you look like you have some serious bicep muscles going on in those pictures!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful wedding!

Unknown said...

Your wedding photos are amazing!! Happy anniversary! It's so neat that you guys got married on your 5 year dating anniversary!

Unknown said...

Happy anniversary!!! Those pictures are amazing!

J-Berg said...


such a beautiful life you both share

Sarah @ Vol Family Life said...

Beautiful! Congratulations!

Jamie said...

Wow beautiful pictures!! I love the outside ones! :o)

For Love of Cupcakes

Anonymous said...

Aw happy anniversary to you two!

Mrs.HVK said...

DUDE, your wedding was knot.com famous!! Amazing:) Congrats on 5 years!

Rachel said...

I remember all these pictures (we were on the Knot together and it's my anniversary today too).

Happy Anniversary Mrs.Jenni!

Jill @ Momma Totally in Love said...

Happy Anniversary!! 11.11 is a great day, its also my baby boys birthday =)
Beautiful pictures

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Happy Anniversary! You were such a beautiful bride.

Jasmine said...

Happy belated anniversary, Jenni! I remember how excited I was to see all these beautiful pictures, back on the Knot. :-D God bless you!

Meg @paulymegandzoey! said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

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