01 November 2011

Steppin' out to a family wedding!

Saturday was pretty terrible weather-wise... I mean it was freezing cold, raining, sleeting, snowing... you name it! In October. Blah.

But it certainly wasn't going to stop us from having a fun time at my cousin's wedding. Here are a few pics =)

Bob's new tie was a hit. LOVE it.
Kacy and I with our mama!
Kacy and I. A little blurry, but I wanted you to see our dresses! =)
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Jenni: Dress & Cardigan- The Limited
Kacy: Dress & Cardigan- White House Black Market

Bob and Kacy with a little hip action. {Bob's always making fun of us.}
SISTERS! And I must say? Kristi is a CHAMP for coming out 1 week after delivering her 3rd baby via c-section.
Kacy and I. We don't look alike, right?
Me with my Papa Joe!
And my adorable parents. Love them. =)
The wedding was so fun and I was glad that we were all at a table together! I love that there are 8 of us... it works out perfectly ;)

Oh, and last but not least... a little photo booth action:
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! And please? No more snow. At least not until Christmas Eve/Day. We had to reschedule our family pictures because of it. BOOOO. Looking like they won't happen until Thanksgiving weekend now. Oh well, I'll keep you posted!


Unknown said...

You, your dad and your sister look SO much alike! Cute dress!

Steph said...

Love your dress!

kacy said...

that's a good looking gang right there.

Duchess said...

Such cute pictures! Love Kacy's dress :)

Anonymous said...

Any pics of the brides dress?

jenni said...

@ Anonymous- I don't know! My camera died so these are all pictures my sister sent me from her camera.

Note to self: Next time? Charge your camera battery.

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