22 November 2011

November Sponsor Love & Giveaway!!

I hope you will take a second to check out some of my amazing sponsors this month and don't forget to enter the handmade jewelry giveaway!
Spring for Scents

Ok, I'm going to be honest. I never really got all the hoop-la over Scentsy. I mean, it's just a candle company, how great can they really be??

I was completely wrong. I get it now.

Spring was sweet enough to send me a candle warmer and a pumpkin bar and OMG. I can honestly say that we've used it every single day since it's been in my house.
How cute is THAT?? And yes, I'm clearly an idiot and put the entire bar in the warmer at first. I was quickly notified by loyal Scentsy followers that you only need a cube or two in there at once. Duh! Luckily it hadn't melted yet and I was able to break off a few cubes in time!

Oh, and I now have the cutest family picture in the little square and it lights up when it's on. It's so adorable!! I thought I uploaded the pictures I took of it, but I didn't so I'll add them to this post later! LOVE.

This stuff lasts SO LONG and it's not overbearing {some scents/candles bother my allergies}... it's perfect. You better believe I will be ordering a few more bars {Ahem, this one. Okay fine, and maybe this one too.} And perhaps even a few Christmas presents for friends and family. ;)

Order now. You will get the hoop-la too. Trust me.

A continuing supporter of jenni from the blog, Blairex Laboratories is home to the overwhelmingly popular diaper rash remedy that tells it like it is: Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

I LOVE this stuff. Like use-it-every-single-day-because-it-works kind of love. And because winter is rapidly approaching {I mean what the heck happened to fall??} these items are starting to really get all kinds of attention from me...

Boudreaux's Baby Butt Bath™ is a gentle non-irritating formula for infants and children that restores moisture to delicate skin and helps prevent the drying effects of cleansing.
• Soothes irritated skin
• Tear free
• pH-balanced
• Non-irritating
And smells oh so good!! The babies come out of the tub smelling all delicious and ready for lots of hugs and kisses! =)

Boudreaux's Baby Kisses™ was formulated especially for infants and kids without unnecessary additives.
• Soothes and helps heal dry, chapped lips and cheeks
• Non-irritating
• Peruvian Balsam for healthy skin
Grab a tube for your purse too! And I'm not going to lie, I use this stuff too! {What? It works.}

Boudreaux's Rash Protector™ is formulated to protect and help relieve chapped or cracked skin.
• Clear, gentle stream
• Easy to apply and helps seal out wetness.
• Easy to use
• Bag-in-can technology allows for dispensing at any angle — even upside down. Gentle and safe for people of all ages.
• Contains 10% Dimethicone (skin protectant) and Peruvian Balsam for healthy skin.
This stuff is seriously my favorite baby item EVER. I use it constantly and I love it so much because it's just so darn easy to use. No globs of cream under your nails... just spray and go! LOVE.


Um, I think you know them by now ;) But in case you missed it... Medifast helped me lose 30lbs, which you can see in these progression pics below...
loss progress


If you’re interested in trying Medifast, use the code JENNI50 to get $50 off an order of $275!!

Also, don't forget to enter the Medifast Giveaway for your chance to win $50 of brand new Medifast products!!! It's the perfect way to really get a taste for the program, all while losing weight at the same time!

Delightfully Duchess

One of my friends, Kristen, just opened this adorable Etsy shop where she creates handmade jewelry! Check out the adorable earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even broaches in her shop!
So cute!! Well she has decided to do a giveaway for a $25 store credit to her shop! WOOT!

To enter:
• Please visit Delightfully Duchess and then leave a comment on this post telling which item{s} you'd buy with your credit! She also loves to create custom orders, so you're welcome to do that as well!

This may be a perfect addition to a wonderful holiday gift! Or, ya know, a gift to yourself ;)

This giveaway ends November 24th at 11pm EST so enter now!!

And if you're looking for new blogs to follow or awesome shops for that perfect holiday gift, for the love of God, check these out... they are AMAZING!!

and then, she {snapped}

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BethQuahSooJing said...

Hi Jenni!
Kristen 's writeup is so beautiful, I love in particular, the way she describes the significance and inspiration for her Autumn Bracelet.

briannapalmucci said...

I think I'd get a custom piece with my kids birthstone colors!

ARH said...

I love the idea of a custom bracelet with my family's birthstones!

Aubs0807 at hotmail dot com

BethQuahSooJing said...

Thank you do much Jenni:) my email is elizabethquah@gmail.com and I'll email you!

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