14 August 2011

Steppin' Out

As I write this, the entire family is still in their PJ's and we're planning on spending the day relaxin and cuddlin on this rainy Sunday. But? We did have a pretty busy weekend that I can't wait to share with you!

On Friday, we headed to the aquarium. It was Bob and Brynn's first time there {Carter and I went last year with my sisters & mom} so we were excited to show them around. And? Everyone loved it!

We took a few pics along the river before heading in to the aquarium. That's the Philly skyline behind us...
Jenni- Shirt: Kohl's | Jean Capri's: Vera Weng | Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Bob- Polo: AE | Khaki Shorts: Aero | Shoes: Reef
Carter- Shirt: Phillies | Shorts: Kohl's | Shoes: Adidas Shell Tops
Brynn- Dress: Carter's {the store, not her brother's;}

Once inside, the kids were amazed. Carter was running from tank to tank just staring at all the fish and Brynnie? She was getting so excited and pointed at everything! Here are a few pics...
I LOVE how Carter was making sure Brynn didn't fall down. Awww. And? I swear we had shoes for Brynn...she just kept taking them off. We're not trashy like that. Well? Most of the time.
Look! It's Crush and Nemo!
We had such a lovely day! We're thinking about buying a season pass so we can take the kids as many times as we want... it's just a great thing to do as a family! =)

On Saturday, we headed to a dinner party at my sister-in-law's house {Hi Brianna!} She cooked an amazing dinner, complete with a birthday cake for me {so sweet!} Here are a few pics before leaving...
It was a curly hair kinda weekend.
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Jeans: Joe's
{Yes, you read that right... more on this tomorrow!}
Shirt: INC
{birthday gift from my mama... she's very stylish}

So there you have it. Our Steppin Out for this weekend. I hope everyone has a lovely day!

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MaryBeth said...

We love the Adventure Aquarium! I highly recommend getting the year-long pass. How did Carter and Brynn like the hippos? They are my daughter's favorites! It's cool to watch them at feeding time. Glad you had a great weekend!

jenni from the blog said...

@Mary Beth- Yeah I think we will get it! They didn't care about anything except the fishes and sharks! Oh, and Carter loved the "spiders" {aka crabs} and the vending machines. I'm not kidding.

Suzanne said...

We have a membership to our local aquarium and it's our FAVORITE place. Especially when it's not crowded and you can just let them run around.

That shirt from your mom looks AMAZING on you!

p.s. My kids never wear shoes either :)

Olivia's Mommy said...

Looks like a very fun weekend! Hope you had a great birthday, maybe someone got you the jeans for your bday??? I am guessing! Either way, I thought of you the other day I wore mine to work...you will love them!

MaryBeth said...

Lol @ Carter liking the vending machines! I'm not sure if you already knew, but you can apply your ticket cost from Friday to the price of the yearly pass- you just call the aquarium customer service people and they can take care of it. I think you have a week from when you visited to do it.

jen said...

Looks like a fun, family filled weekend.

I LIVE for my Joe's Jeans! Lookin' good girl!

torie@twentyfivedesign said...

I LOVE Carters hand on Brynns back. So sweet. Looking good as always :)

Whit said...

I love your curly hair. When I wear my hair "curly" it really looks like a flat/wavy/crunchy mess. Ah well.

Becky said...

You look GREAT!!!! Why do you like to tease us with the Joe jean comment!!! Ugh! Spill it girl! lol

BuhBuhBRIANNA said...

hi :)

Tammy said...

You look FAB in your new jeans!

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