28 August 2011

Guest Blogger: The Stauffer Shenanigans

As the Momma of 2 girls, I'm sure you all can guess the question I get asked on a daily basis. No, not "Doesn't their dramatic melt downs make you worry about their tweenage years?!?", because YES! Yes I do shudder at the thought of those. It's frightening really. I never knew a 1 year old could literally sqwak like a crow. No, I'm talking about the zinger of "Don't you want to try again for a boy?"

First of all, that's like a little punch to the ute. Hubs & I have agreed upon the fact that we are more than likely aboard the two and through boat. It makes sense for us, especially financially. {How do insurance company agents sleep at night?!?} And I'm happy about this decision...well, about 80% happy. I think all Momma's regardless of being done or not still yearn to feel their child grow inside them. To say "Soup OR salad? Um both. I'm pregnant, duhh." But I'm heading out of the mombie sleep deprived stage & that, my friends, is a good feeling. I feel like I'm ready to move onto the next chapter of parenting.

Secondly, I have wife guilt. Although it was common knowledge that it was all Dustin's doing when it came to our 2nd baby being a girl, I was the one being told that "Dustin needs his boy." I had to at least try one more time for that. People gave him sympathy head cocks to the side for crying out loud. Excuse me?!? I was an innocent bystander during this whole process. Apparently incubator equaled culprit. No reason to points fingers at my egg. She was accepting of any visitors.

And finally, I become a bit smooshy when I hear Brookie asked me for a bruhder. Now I know a lil birdie influenced this idea (yeah you, Mom), but she says it so darn sweetly, it almost makes me want to give her one just to satisfy her request.

I'm not going to lie. When I see a Mommy with her son, I do long for that. I think I even ovulate a little at the sight of a lil guy running towards his Momma for snuggles. Everyone knows the sterotype that every woman wants a daughter & every man wants a son. But as a woman with 2 daughters, that I of course am smitten kitten with, I'd love a son. Get dirt under my polished nails digging for buried treasure in the backyard. Throw some cheerios in the toilet as targets for potty training practice. Overalls & newsboys caps? Swoon. But would I ever want to trade what I have? Not in a bajillion years. I don't feel like I'm missing out by not having a boy. It's more like realizing it wasn't meant to be for us to have one. Nothing to be sympathied over. No smile & nods necessary nosy lady at Kohls, thanks.

And Dustin? Ohhh I know he'd love a son. But? He fits in just fine with being a daughter Daddy. Masculine shmasculine, this man serves a mean cup of air.
So the next time somebody asks us when we're gonna try for that boy, we'll just smile and say "Who knows?" Because honestly, by the fate of God it could happen. But we know for right now....right now we're happy being the parents of 2 girls. Ask us again once puberty hits, though.
Don't forget to check out Ashley's adorable blog! Thanks so much for taking over for a day, Ash!

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ashley said...

Thanks for having me, Jenni! xoxo

jenni from the blog said...

Of course Ash! Love your post, love your blog, and love you chica! ;)

Melissa @ Growing Up Geeky said...

Love the post, Ashley! Does your husband know you posted that pic of him tea-partying? It's priceless.

SSG said...

OMG I love the tea party picture! That is precious! I love me some Stauffers!

ashley said...

He does now :) But thinks that since he used his mandatory hair accessory as a pirate patch, that it makes the picture much more manly. Yes honey...yes it does.

Brenda Sharp said...

love your guest blog! your girls are adorable!

Jill @ Momma Totally in Love said...

Lovin Ashley and her blog! Shes an awesome guest poster!! =)

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