01 July 2011

Y3W | Working from home!

Ahhh. There's no better a commute than the one from your bed to your couch, right? Especially after the commute I had yesterday... it was such a disaster.

The Thursday afternoon before 4th of July weekend has always been the worst commute day of the year. On a daily basis, I drive from Philly, right past the Phillies stadium, over the Walt Whitman Bridge, and down 42S to 295S. And ya know what? Every Thursday in the summer... so does everyone else. Because that's the way to the shore. And all the shoe-be's {that's PA people that head to Jersey shores} get in my way. Damn them.

Well, of course, more people head to the shore for 4th of July. Tack on the Philles afternoon game getting let out during rush hour {that's +46,000 people} and Obama's flight landing at 4pm at PHL, and it makes for a wonderful drive home.

So today? I'm thankful for my commute. From my bed to the couch. Just how I like it.
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I hope everyone has a lovely and SAFE 4th of July weekend! And? IT'S CARTER'S BIRTHDAY MONTH! AHHHHHHHHHHH. {Seriously? How in the world is my baby going to be 3??}

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Sarah said...

We have a July baby too!!! So cool!

kacy said...

you suck. i'll call you on my way home when i am stuck on the bridge and wake your kids up.

Style, Decor & More said...

I should have wrote it, my y3W is "Fab Friday Finds"

Unknown said...

Stopping by from a different blog hop blog to say hi! I am a new follower of your blog thru GFC and I went ahead and followed you on Facebook too! Isn't it great to work from home when you can! No dress code, just you. I would love a follow back on both of those if you don't mind. Thanks and have a Happy 4th of July!!


Tracy said...

one thing i dont miss about living in jersey/working in philly= traffic. oh, and 295 at 4:00 pm on. haha

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