31 July 2011

Steppin' Out

This weekend was mostly about relaxing, hanging with the babies, and catching up on laundry/packing for BlogHer {which I leave for in, um, 3 days.}

But, on Friday night, I had a Girls Night Out. Something that was planned for at least 6 weeks, or so. And something that I've been looking forward to since the day I added it to my calendar.

Before heading out to meet my girls.
Shirt: Anthropologie
Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger
Sportin' new hairs {with red lowlights!}

Flops: Eliza B. {love these things.}
And? New pretty toes!

We headed to dinner at PF Changs {aka- changers.} It? Was delish.
Kelly | Me | Steph
Afterward, well..
...let's just say, we had fun. =)

On Saturday, there was a lot of relaxin goin on in our house {fine, and some much needed cleaning.}

Later in the day Bob's mom called us saying that they had just returned from vacay and would love to see the kids {not us... just the kids. It's fine, we know they love us too.} So Bob and I decided to take advantage of our new found freedom and head to dinner with my parents.
Shirt & Shorts: Kohl's
I really love this shirt...

And another pair of my favorite flops...
Shoes: Reef

Today is when most of the packing will happen. I can NOT believe BlogHer is just 3 days away! Ahhhh!

Happy Sunday!

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Momma Brown said...

lookin' good jenni :)

love that shirt from kohls!

sara said...

That Kohls shirt is adorable...and the mardi gras masks...that's exactly why I can't be left alone in pier 1!

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