28 June 2011

Week in iPhone Pics {1}

I love this feature that Amy started, about posting your week in iPhone pics. I mean, how many pictures do you take with your phone on a daily basis? If you're anything like me, then your answer's "a lot!" So? Here's what my week looked like...

Tuesday: {6/21}
1- Brynn's blogging.
2- Carter's jealous of Brynn's toy & wants to "share" it.
3- Playing baseball in the house. Shhhh.
Wednesday: {6/22}
1- My dad's gorgeous {fully rebuilt/restored} 1969 Chevelle SS
2- Bathtime fun =)
Thursday: {6/23}
1- Blurry Kisses
2- Giant squash fresh from a family friend's farm.

Friday: {6/24}
1- Carter wanted to hold my hand in the car {awww}
2- Summer sun rays {no filter on that one!}
Saturday: {6/25}
1- Test driving
2- Waiting. {and waiting. and waiting.}
3- SOLD!
4- Carter and I with the new car. =)
Sunday: {6/26}
1- Sunday mornings.
2- Cuddles.
3- Despicable Me & goldfish
4- Riding.
5- Out to dinner. {That's Blue Moon, folks...nom}
6- Philly on our way back home.
Monday: {6/27}
1- Carter insisted on bringing his vintage Superman lunch box to Grammy's.
2- Diaper heinies.
3- The new car at Grammy's house.
4- Rear view. Carter fell asleep waiting for daddy to come out of the store.
Tuesday: {6/28}
1- Our morning send off {LOVE.}
2- I need a vacation.
{Okay, so I actually needed a bio pic for my students. Ya know... one where I wasn't holding wine.}

So there you have it. My week in iPhone pics. =)

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Unknown said...

Looks like an exciting week! That picture of you and Carter holding hands is the sweetest :)

Steph said...

Love the last pic!

Unknown said...

sweet sweet pics!!! I was wondering what app do you use to take/edit your pics into this format. They are beautiful?? thanks!

sara said...

Your dad's car is amazing.

And bumper pictures are the best!!!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Erin- Instagram! I'm absolutely addicted to it! If you get the app, look for me: @jennifrmtheblog =)

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