13 June 2011

Busy, busy! {& Steppin' Out}

You gotta love weekends that start with "we have nothing to do" and end with "were we home for more than 5 minutes?"

And pay close attention of the photo evidence that may cause me to lose my "Mom of the Year" award. Seriously.

On Saturday, we headed to a local carnival by my parents house. My mom was watching my niece & nephew for the weekend, while Kristi and Matt headed down the shore to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary, so we thought it'd be fun to take all the kids over to eat bad and enjoy the rides.

On the fun bus...
Can't have a carnival with out a train!Time to play at the playground for a bit...The firetruck bounce house & slide...On the dragon ride with Aunt Kacy {though Carter swore they were dinosaurs...}Carter refused to go on the chopper ride, so I went on with Ben & Grace =)Linking up with Mandy from Harper's Happenings...

Kindly ignore my pasty white legs & messy hair, thank you. {It was so humid!}
Shirt & Flops: Kohls
{I've been scoring big there lately!}
Shorts: Tommy Hilfiger
Time for lunch {and perhaps a nap for the kids?}
While the kids napped, we headed out to the porch to watch the afternoon thunderstorm roll through. Gorgeous.Once the storm passed, it got a little cooler and ended up being such a nice night. We decided to head out for an evening boat ride. SO FUN!

Have to put the hair back first... I've learned the hard way that it just gets knotted up!
The kids had never been on the boat before, so we were excited to take them on. The dock is right near the Philadelphia airport, so we knew, if anything, they'd LOVE the planes.

We were right.Almost ready to go...Carter would not stop waving "hiiiiiiii" to the planes. Ben loved them too...Ben & Grace!Carter driving! He loved it...Aunt Kacy with the kiddos!Waving "hiiiiiii" to the planes. Again.
My dad! {aka- Papa Joe!}Snack time for the kiddos...Brynnie was such an angel the whole time. Love her.How cute is this... they were all trying to squeeze on the cooler. Apparently you can see the planes better from there.Okay, now this is when you hand me the "mom of the year" award. Brynnie looked so cute standing on the seat. The radio was on, so she kept dancing. It was adorable. Except...
...she danced her way right off the seat......and I got a picture of it. I must have snapped it as I was trying to catch her? I have no idea. But I felt AWFUL. Luckily, she landed on a bunch of empty soft coolers and did not get hurt. She was just a little shaken up and was back to herself less than a minute later...I have to tell you though... when I saw the picture of her falling off the seat? I almost peed my pants. I was laughing so hard I was crying. I know, I know... I'm awful.

Okay kiddos, say bye to the planes... it's time to pack it up and head home.
Here are a few pics from my iphone...

On Sunday, we headed back to my parents for a BBQ. Kabobs make me happy.My sweet girl.
And Steppin Out Sunday... =)
Shirt: Kohls
Cropped jeans: Vera Wang {Kohls!}
Shoes: Kenneth Cole {Macy's}

So there you have it. More pictures then you ever wanted to see of my super non-busy-but-busy weekend.

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the mom diggity said...

The pics of Carter driving the boat are priceless!!! And sweet little Brynnie with her eyes so big!!!!!

kacy said...

best.picture.ever. i seriously haven't laughed that hard in so long- i think i almost fell off the boat. i am a terrible aunt but it's better then being a terrible mother, right? i win!

Amanda said...

I can't stop laughing at the fall picture. GOD. That is terrible!

It's the life jackets. They make them lose their balance!

Tracy said...

awwww looks like you had a great weekend! i feel connected to my roots in jersey when i read your blog! (i'm from mt.laurel originally)

keep up the awesome posts!your kids are so cute!

Anonymous said...

We are kindred spirits. When I saw that photo of Brynn falling, I thought, "if that had been me, I'd have laughed so hard I'd have cried when I realized I took a picture." I guess I'm a bad mom too. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad LOL Didn't you hear about my loss of the mom of the year award when my baby fell off the bed? It was awesome ;) /SARCASM! lol I'm glad she is okay :) :)

Shannon said...

the picture is hilarious of her dancing off the seat. I am lol'ing and my co-worker is totally looking at me funny!

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