13 May 2011

Y3W| Damn you, Blogger.

I guess that can technically count as my Y3W for today, right? Seems fitting.

As many of you know, Blogger has been down for quite awhile, leaving me with posts and comments missing, as well as a whole slew of other problems.

So, if you've entered one of Brynn's Birthday Bash Giveaways, and you no longer see your comments {which is likely, since there were over 100 entries to the Thirty One Giveaway and now there are zero} go ahead and enter again. Even if Blogger fixes the missing posts, I will still count all previous and new entries to any of the giveaways {giving you even MORE chances to win.}

On that note, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! As for us, we have Bob's little sister's college graduation party tomorrow {which is shocking to me considering Brianna was in 6th grade when Bob and I started dating} and two birthday parties on Sunday. I also have to squeeze in time to run to the party store to pick up the rest of the stuff I need for Brynn's birthday party {which is next Saturday!! :::dies:::}

In other news, the Circle of Moms voting ends on Monday. I promise this is {almost} the last time I will beg for your votes. ;)

Thanks so much!

ETA: Sorry, here's the blog hop is anyone is still interested! I forgot all about it with all this nonsense going on!
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:::crosses fingers and hopes that Blogger will publish this post:::


Anonymous said...

Aww! How lucky for the people re-entering :D t was frustrating for sure. I'm still waiting for my missing post to come back as well. Ughhh!

Momma Brown said...

ok, i was all 'whatever' about the blogger snafu. but i didn't consider how this comment thing would screw up giveaways. that really blows. hope they are able to restore everything. and hopefully your readers will understand it's beyond your control.

stupid blogger.

Katie said...

That stinks! You're awesome though for letting us comment again and keep our other comments if they ever come back! I can't believe Brynn's party is next weekend already! Have a great weekend :)

Kristin said...


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