02 May 2011

May Sponsor Love

First, I'm thrilled to tell you that jenni from the blog was selected to take part in the Clever Girls Collective Ad Network! Woot! Don't worry... I get some say in what gets advertised over there, so there won't be porn ads going on or anything {sorry, Kacy.}

Now on to my amazing May sponsors...

Blairex Laboratories is home to the overwhelmingly popular diaper rash remedy that tells it like it is: Boudreaux's Butt Paste.

Pharmacist George Boudreaux is a man with a sense of humor and an effective recipe that almost magically helps heal irritated baby bottoms. Doctors from all around would recommend moms to see George and try out his butt paste. When it came down to the name, there was no contest-Boudreaux's Butt Paste it was.

I absolutely LOVE the stuff. But did you know that there were two different versions of Butt Paste??

The original: Protects skin and helps to prevent diaper rash and chafed skin by sealing out wetness. It spreads on easily and cleans off quickly unlike other sticky creams that can leave a residue.

The All Natural: Is made from all natural ingredients for the green living mom. It has all the same characteristics of the original in a rich creamy formula that rubs on clear, and contains Peruvian Balsam to promote healthy skin.

Even now, they've expanded to include Rash Protector, Dry Skin Ointment, Butt Bath, and Baby Kisses!

Stay tuned for another amazing giveaway from Boudreaux's Butt Paste!
Coco & Bubbles
Coco & Bubbles was started as a way to provide cute accessories for our nieces and nephews (don't worry, the nephew part of the site is in the works and will be coming this summer).

We decided to start with headbands and hats and make them affordable to other moms, or aunts and uncles like us. The name you ask? Well since we don't have kids of our own yet, we were inspired by the next best thing, our dogs. Their nicknames are Coco and Bubbles, real names Dakota and Phoenix. When we started playing around with names we were joking about using our dogs, but when we put Coco and Bubbles together it just clicked and we knew it was the right fit for what we were trying to accomplish.

We have hopes of being a fun and quirky baby boutique, right now we are based online only, but maybe one day will be featured elsewhere. We offer headbands and hats for newborns to tweens (some adults wear them too) and have just added nursery wall art to the collection. We are hoping to expand our boutique in the future with more nursery decorations and other baby accessories.

We are new to the baby world so are hoping to be accepted and supported by Moms. In celebration of our first year in business we are paying shipping on every additional item that is purchased. Purchase 100 and only pay for the first item. We offer custom orders and any amendments to existing designs such as size change, headband color, flower color etc. You suggest, we can make it.

We would like to offer JFTB readers a 10% off coupon code good through May 15th with code JENNI511.
Hi, I'm Christina! I am an honest, stay at home mom living in Charlotte, NC. I have been selling boutique outfits for almost two years now and have 100% positive customer satisfaction!

This little business originated out of my desire to dress my daughter in adorable smocked outfits without spending a fortune, and a lot of people I knew were looking for great deals as well. So, Blueberry Buckle Kids was born!

Rather than mark up the prices of the outfits to fund a store or a lot of marketing and a fancy website, I decided to keep things simple and the prices low. All of the outfits I sell are brand new, with tags, and purchased directly from the manufacturer. Everything is priced at almost half of what the same outfit sells for in a boutique, so I hope you give me the chance to make you a happy customer!
Seriously? Cutest. Party favors. Ever. And I know from personal experience... Shannon from Sweet Stella's is making all the party favors to match the theme of little Miss Brynn's first birthday party!!

This wonderful little shop {which was started completely by accident!} offers unique hand painted and papered items for parties, children, weddings and more. After recently becoming a mother to a handsome little boy Owen, Shannon created Sweet Stella's as a creative outlet. And I'm so thankful for that, because she is super talented!

And you know what's even more amazing? Shannon's work was selected to be included in The Artisan Group's SwagBags at the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards in the Gifting Suite. Yep, like the real Emmy's! How awesome is that!?!?!?! {So proud of you Shan!}

I'll be sure to post pictures of all of the beautiful favors that she designed for me. If you're having a party soon, I highly recommend Sweet Stella's! {And apparently? So do the Emmy's ;}

Like my blog design? Me too. And Steph, from A Grande Life Goodies, created it for me! Trust me when I say this... I am NOT the easiest person to work with ;) I picture something in my head not even knowing if it is at all possible. Well... Steph saw my vision too and made it possible!

If you're looking for a great person to create a custom blog design for you {and for a great price!!} then Steph from A Grande Life Goodies is your girl!

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And if you're looking for new blogs to follow, for the love of God, check out these... they are AMAZING!!
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