04 May 2011

Brynn in ONEderland | Details

Okay let's get right to it, since I am literally jumping out of my seat, I'm so excited about everything!

Let me quickly preface this post by saying that (1) I go overboard with parties. I get it from my mom. It's hereditary. {Can't argue with science.} And (2) I come from a huge family. Ginormous. There will easily be about 75-100 people coming to this party.

Okay, that is all.

{Are you even reading this or have you already started looking at the pictures?}

Brynn's Invites {again}:The {slightly amazing} cake:Ahhhhhh! I'm so excited! A friend of a friend, Nicole, is making it. She has her own cake shop called Frosted {seriously check her out... she is SUPER talented!!!}

So the cake will only be 2 layers {the 3rd little layer isn't needed.} The colors will be pink with purple diamonds on the bottom and yellow with aqua stripes on the top layer. The edible Cheshire Cat cake topper will go on the 2nd layer.. YUM! There will also be a white edible ribbon across the bottom of the cake that says "Merry 1st Birthday Brynn" =)

The flavors? Well they're marble poundcake on the bottom and chocolate chip poundcake on the top, all with buttercream icing {hungry yet??}

For the kids, my mom and I are making cupcakes...
Of course, there's a good chance that ours won't look like that, but we'll try ;) We plan to put the "eat me" treat flags in them {custom ordered and made by Sweet Stella's!!}...Decorations:
A few inspiration pictures...Of course, Brynn's party will not look like it belongs in a magazine, but that's just the "look" that I'm going for =)

For the plates/napkins/cups/table cloths, etc I want to do bright colors. Either plain or possibly these:My custom Sweet Stella's order:
Tea pots that will hang from the trees/tent, favor tea cups, "drink me" straws for the kids, and "eat me" treat flags for the cupcakes...
Ahhhh, how cute are they!?! I loved everything so much that I ordered even more! {Thank you Shannon!!!}

For the centerpieces, I found giant teacups {I still can't believe I found them!!!} and I plan to fill them with snacks...I need to pick up one more teacup {I get one every time I go to the store, lol} for the 4th table under the tent. I plan to fill the actual tea pot with flowers and it will be placed on either the food table or the cake table!

Lanterns will hang from the trees and tent:
Along with the Sweet Stella's custom tea pots {which were originally ordered as centerpeices, but will now be hanging around the party!}:
I also designed signs that will go all around the house that say things like...
Here are the "read me" signs for the books, but I have others that will say "eat me" {cake & food tables} / "drink me" {straws for kids drinks, adult beverage area, etc.} / "take me" {favors} / "play me" {bounce house, games, etc.}
Giant playing cards......that I'll likely use to make garland...Favors:
As for favors, there were so many wonderful things out there. The problem? Most of it costs a small fortune and there are about 40 kids coming to the party. Yes, 40. {Combo of big family, lots of friends, and daycare kids + their siblings. They may or may not have been included in the original count of 75-100 people. What?}

So, I plan to fill the custom Sweet Stella's tea cups with treats and then put them in clear plastic with the Alice in Wonderland sticker books!

Clear bags with ribbon similar to this... {but with a "take me" tag}
Tea cups inside filled with treats...Sticker books...And whirly lollipops!Games/Fun:
It's just not a party without a bounce house & slide:A croquet set with this adorable sign that I made =)And a giant chess board to go along with the theme:Attire:
It's not an Alice in Wonderland party without a Mad Hatter hat:
I'm making Bob wear it ;)

For me? I think I'll be getting this...Carter will likely dress like a little prep {as always} and as for the birthday girl... she has a pretty dress to wear then I will change her into her teacup shirt =)I swear she likes that shirt. She was just completely d.o.n.e. with pictures that day.

I think that's just about it so far. Am I going overboard with this party? Yes. {I did with Carter's 1st Birthday party too!} But I wouldn't have it any other way. =)

Vote if you like to go overboard on 1st birthday parties too!
{Or if you think I'm crazy! It's okay. Most people do.}
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Kristin said...

This is PRECIOUS. Can't wait to see pics from the party! BTW, I am going overboard too :) HOw can we not??!

Toni said...

Hmm..since there are so many people, I'm sure you won't notice when we crash the party. :) Kidding..maybe. it looks awesome!! I can't wait to see pictures.

I'm going to have to pick your brain for more ideas for Jack's!

Mommy Time said...

it's def nice to see i'm not the only Mama who goes overboard for parties! We too have about 75-100 people at each birthday party for our daughter(about 25-30 are kids!)

curtsgrl said...

LOVE IT!! And I understand the need to go overboard with parties. Except I don't have herdity as an excuse I just LOVE a good party especially a birthday party. Can't wait to see pictures of Miss Brynn's party and all the fun I'm sure everyone's going to have.

kacy said...

you are so gay.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Kacy- Says the girl who is helping me.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kacy said...

helping your drink the beer! holla!

MJ said...

I love that you go over board for parties...we're nearing the first birthday for our little guy and I too am a go big or go home kinda person. I love your theme!

Sara Z. said...

OMG! I L.O.V.E it!! I love over-the-top kid's parties! Lol! Sounds like me...I'm planning a circus-themed 1st bday party for my son in June with a face painter and balloon animal artist and even a cotton candy machine :) So I totally understand the big party thing! Can't wait to see the pics! How exciting!

Anonymous said...


Reenie :) said...

How come you didn't mention the keg? Isn't that the most important part? No? Is that wrong?

Shilah said...

AH I lovelovelove this. All of it. It's so spectacular in every way! I wanted to tell you that I own that melted clock in the decoration inspiration section, it's awesome and I've always pretended it was wonderland-esque =]

Good luck!

the mom diggity said...

LOVE IT. It's going to be one heck of a party. Seriously, 1st birthdays RULE.

Shan said...

O. M. G! I wish Owen was a girl!! Thanks for the crazy huge shoutouts in the post lady!! I'm so happy to have done everything for you and Brynn!

Sofia said...

Looks amazing! Now that you've planned a huge first birthday party for Carter can you tell us all what are some of the things that you are purposefully doing differently? Like what didn't seem to matter too much and what are you focusing more on this time around? Also, how was the cotton candy machine at Carter's party? Was it worth it? I'm thinking of renting one for my little one's party :) Thanks!

Becki said...

WOW! Absolutely amazing! I can't wait to see pictures from the party!

Kimberly said...

This looks amazing! I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

The Mrs./The Mom said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!!

First, if I have a girl- i really want to use this idea. Second, you definitely should do party idea posts for those not so creative moms who need party ideas!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

What a great idea! Super cute party theme and I love the teacups!

Tara said...

You are an amazing party planner!! What a cute theme. Hope Brynn has a blast! :)

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