22 April 2011

Your Three Words

It's not spring until the dogwood in our front yard blooms. I was so excited when I walked out of the house this morning {to come to work... boooo!} to see our tree with pretty little white flowers all over it. Seeing our tree like this, makes me so happy... it's gorgeous! I only wish that it stayed like this for 9 months out of the year {is that too much to ask??}

This weekend will be packed with Easter festivities. Bob and I are headed to my parents house after work today {again, boo.... who works on Good Friday!?!} to dye Easter eggs with all the kiddos and have dinner. We then have a surprise party to go to tonight as well. Tomorrow I hope to run to Target in the morning, and then I'm hanging out with some friends.

On Easter Sunday, we plan to have breakfast/Easter baskets at our house, then we're heading to Bob's parents house for an Easter egg hunt and lunch with his whole family. We're then going to my parents house for another Easter egg hunt and dinner with my whole family. When I tell ya my kids come home with about $50 bucks each and truck loads of toys and candy, I'm not kidding. There are some serious prizes in those eggs!

Oh, and there will be no Easter bunny pics. Ever. Those effing bunny's are creepy.

Grab a button and join the fun!

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

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Jen said...

I agree with you.......the Easter bunny is effin' creepy! Have a great weekend! :-)

Unknown said...

I totally agree....those Easter bunnies are creepy creepy!! Why can't they make them look like normal bunnies?!
I hope you have a very happy Easter!

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