15 April 2011

Y3W | The state of the bathroom.

So, you're probably wondering how the heck the bathroom reno is coming along. This should give you a good idea...
Yes, that is my father-in-law's hand sticking out from our family room ceiling. Because nothing is ever easy with our house. All he did? Was sit a hammer down on the bathroom floor {sans bathtub} and, yep you guessed it... it fell through.

Now the only one that was in the family room at the time was Carter. And luckily, he was on the other side of the room. I was upstairs refilling his sippy cup when it happened. I heard a loud bang, a "shit" {courtesy of FIL} and I peeked around the wall from the kitchen to see that exact scene {kinda creepy, right?}

That picture was taken about 2 weeks ago and I'm happy to report that we now have:
  • walls
  • door
  • floor {it's the little things}
  • bathtub/shower
  • closet
  • vanity {sans top/sink}
Next up? Well, more spackle... but then I can paint! Woo hooooo! After the painting is complete we'll put in the new granite vanity top, the closet door & shelving, molding, and the toilet and we'll be done!

This project has taken a little longer than expected due to minor set backs {ya know, like redoing all the plumbing & electrical work, and a hammer falling through the floor} but is expected to be completed in another week. I can not wait to get my house back in order... it is the messiest it has ever been and it is driving me bonkers. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't wait to do some spring cleaning! {Then I guess a party so everyone can see it?... who wants to come??}

And I just have to give a HUGE shout out to my wonderful father-in-law, Mike, who is kicking this projects ass. He has done everything for us and we are beyond lucky to have him. We're paying him in Yuengling, cheese steaks and pizza {is that okay for dinner tonight, Mike? =} and there is no way that we could possibly thank him enough. {I may start renting him out to people... is that a legitimate business?}

Just a few announcements:
Have a great weekend everyone. Can't wait to share the "after" pics with you!!

Vote if you think a hand coming through the ceiling is creepy!
{or if you want to come over and help me with spring cleaning ;}
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Toni said...

Scary! Glad you're almost done. I can't imagine dealing with the mayhem of renovation. I like my house in order(within reason, of course)!

Kristin said...

Lol that's funny and creepy! I came home one tome to my dads leg hanging through the ceiling- he was knocked unconscious in the attic when he hit a beam. It was pretty serious but funny in retrospect!

Megan said...

OH NO! Glad nobody was hurt!

Noelle Spooner said...

Uh Oh, Glad Carter was on the other side of the room. Can't wait to see the redo!
I'm Delurking!! =)

molly said...

hahaha, oh God, what a nightmare! I know it will be worth it in the end, though =)

Steph said...

Can't wait to see it finished!

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