18 April 2011

Take it off Monday | Week 7

Medifast | Week 7
Did I get your attention? As you can see, it's negative. Thank God... I'm just not ready for that yet. {But there's something sad about a negative pregnancy test, isn't there?} I didn't want to have to take it {at all} but was talked into it by quite a few people. Ya know... just to be sure. I knew I wasn't pregnant. I think by now I wouldn't even need a test to tell me I was. I knew right away with Brynn so I just know that next time will be the same way. But here we are... one two negative pregnancy tests later.

So why did I need to take this, you may ask? Well because I started Medifast 7 weeks ago and have yet to get my period. Technically, I've only missed one... the next one is due this week or next {I think.} After discussing things over with my friends, coworkers and Google, I decided to talk to my Medifast Nutritionist, Matthew, about it. { Yes, I have my own Medifast nutritionist... because this program rocks.}

Matthew {who is completely awesome... and his wife is due with their first baby in June!} explained to me that, while not very common on the program, some women do have problems with their cycle due to the amount of soy protein in Medifast foods. Considering that the most soy I've ever consumed came in the form of soy sauce {which I'm sure doesn't count} I can see why it's had this affect on my body. Not only that, but weight loss/dieting, in general, can affect your cycle too, so I'm sure it's a combo of everything. If I don't get it again this month, I'll talk to my doctor about it for sure. {I'm not one to run straight to my doctor about anything. If advil can't fix it, it ain't getting fixed.}

How's that for honesty on here, huh? {Hi mom!}

{I know I start off sounding like Negative Nelly, but bare with me a sec...}
So, this week was NOT a good one for me and I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little discouraged. My good friend Kelly helped me through it and I am so happy, once again, to be going through this with such great people.

As you know, I've been at -14lbs for over a week now. And that is where I still sit today. I know that I can't see big loses every week, but I'm not looking for big losses. I'm looking for any loss. When you put all your effort into this program, you just want to see some change on the scale.

And change I saw. But not in a good way.

On Wednesday, I weighed myself only to find that I had gained 2lbs. Yep, you read that right. I gained. Now this could be that the work conference the week before had finally caught up to me. And that may be true {and I accept that!} Or it could be that starting the 30 day shred has affected my weight as well. People tend to gain muscle when they start working out {and I can certainly accept that as well!}

I tried not to let it get me down because I know this program works. I have never in my life lost 14lbs in 7 weeks. Ever. And I am sticking with it 100%.

After staying on plan all week, I'm happy to report that I lost those 2 pounds that I gained. They're gone {hopefully} forever. I'm even happier to report that I am down another notch in my belt. WOOT! I think that may even be better than losing actual poundage. I think that's a great sign.

So here I sit once again, at -14lbs.

While -14 pounds is amazing, it's also like a slap in the face. I'm right on the cusp of being in the next 10's below where I've been. Right now I sit at 1_0 {I'm not ready to share that with you yet} and by losing ONE MORE POUND I'll be at 1_9. In the 10's below where I sit right now. So it's like slapping me in the face every time I step on the scale. It's almost as if it's teasing me and saying "you'll never see the 1_0's again, biotch!"

Damn you scale.

But I know I'll get there. I can certainly do this. I know I can. And I know Medifast works.

In other news, look at this fab dinner I had last night:Do you know any diet plan that allows you to eat like that? It was SO fabulous. Filet Mignon and grilled veggies. HELLO SPRING! =)
Week 7 Summary
Weight loss this week: -0 lb {but down another belt notch! Woo hoo!}

Weight loss to date: -14 lbs {almost halfway to my goal!!}

Weight left to lose: 16 lbs

First Goal: 10 pounds {Reached: 3/23/11}

  • Reward: Pedicure {Scheduled!!}

Second Goal: 20 pounds

  • Reward: Joe's Jeans {You have no idea how bad I want to order these jeans.}

Final Goal: 30 pounds

  • Reward: I'm thinking a new Coach purse! ;)

Success: Overcoming discouragement, staying on plan, and losing those 2 pounds I gained! Oh, and exercising {see below.}

Set-Backs: Maybe not losing any weight this week? But I wouldn't call that a set-back, per se...

Exercise: I am kicking Jillian's ass! I did the 30 day shred three times last week and walked a ton. I LOVE getting up at 5:30am to work out. {I'm being serious, I really do!} It makes me feel so good for the rest of the day and it's almost as if I've found extra time in my day. It's also nice that I don't have to worry about it at night!


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And for those of you that just visit for the cute pictures, here are two I took yesterday.

Someone loves the new car {he's like a puppy dog when the windows are down!}
"Hey, where'd my puff go?"

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Steph said...

Okay for a minute...just ONE MINUTE...I was all NOOOOOOOOOO THEN SHE WON'T BE HERE IN OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, whew. ;)

You're still doing a kick ass job, Jenni. Think about it: you lost those 2 pounds that you gained versus keeping them on. You're making great food choices, keeping active...keep your chin up!! So proud of you! :)

Coach Kari said...

Hey Jenni!

You are doing SO GOOD!!! Don't let 2 measly pounds discourage you. They're not going to be there forever. And, yes, it's TOTALLY normal to see a weight gain when you start a new fintess routine/program. I'm a Fitness Professional and even I see it!

Check out my blog post on gaining weight when starting a new fitness program: http://coachkarimoore.blogspot.com/2010/04/you-sometimes-gain-weight-when-starting.html

Keep up the good work - you're truly an inspiration!

Kari :)

Anonymous said...

I've just started reading you, but keep up the good work!

Also the picture of your little girl gave me the biggest smile :D

Have a good day ^_^

Tiffany said...

Don't get discouraged, you're fine...trust me. Your body is just re-adjusting to this major shock you've put on your system. Stay OP - the weight WILL come off. I'm so proud of you!

Courtney said...

Awesome job with the weight loss!! I am currently pregnant with baby #3 and I am strongly considering the MediFast program after this baby. Can it be adjusted to breastfeeding moms?

Also, I noticed that you are exercising more. You may find that on the days where you exercise a lot, that you might need a bit more food. It's like when you hit that plateau in weight loss and you think that you should eat less, but in turn eating just a tad more allows your body the energy to burn more calories. Just a thought. It could be as simple as adding just a small salad to the day. Goodluck mama!!

Jeannie said...

WOW...that's one way to get people's attention :)

Unknown said...

lol you scared me! LOL Interesting about the AF changes though. And you are doing great!! :) We will get there!

mel said...

LOVE the pic of Brynne with the puff and you are doing awesome with the weight loss!!!!!!

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