25 April 2011

Easter Cuteness

Warning, lots of {cute} pictures ahead. I took a total of 329 pics yesterday {no wonder why my kids find me annoying.} These are my favs...

The Easter Bunny came!
I scored these adorable baskets here. I got them for a steal: $14.99 each with free shipping. That included embroidery AND almost everything inside the basket {I added a few extras for each kiddo then bought them the gifts outside of the baskets.}
I would have paid more than that for the basket alone. I love them!
Of course the kiddos loved them more...
We all got dressed and headed to Bob's parents house where we had a yummy dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids.

My precious baby girl turned 11 months old yesterday! OMG! {Post to come on this.}
She's getting so big!
Carter and Brynn were watching P-Pop hide the eggs for the Easter Egg hunt {sneaky, sneaky}
Carter wouldn't take his eyes off him. Smart boy...
Carter and his cousin Simon...
And the 1st egg hunt is on! Carter had a blast. He's at the perfect age for this...
"Where'd they all go?"
He was upset when there were no more eggs to find!
We moved him to a different section of the yard and he was in his glory. Again.
Time for bubbles! What a great day for Carter Man... eggs and bubbles!
Meanwhile, Brynnie was inside with daddy. Her dress was just too hot for her {it ended up getting to almost 90 yesterday and it was super humid too!} Although I brought another outfit for her, she was still too hot, so she ended up in just her onesie {which I love :}
She loves looking upside down at everyone =)
We left Bob's family's house at about 3ish and headed to my parents house for Round II. Just ignore me.

I think Carter was happy he got to do this again...
All the kids counting their eggs!
Brynnie's egg hunt was inside =)
nom nom nom...
My mom? Takes this egg hunt thing seriously. She divides the eggs up evenly {of course} and then inserts money, change, and candy into each and every egg. She then hides them in different areas of the yard so that each kiddo ends up with the exact same amount of eggs/money/candy. That's my mom for ya.

And the kids? Well they got this...
Yes, those are $20 bills on the left. I told you my mom takes this egg hunt business seriously! The kids came home with a total of $92.50 in cash, a ton of candy, AND 3 outfits each from my parents. They also got an Easter basket each full of candy and little presents from Bob's parents.


I will have a sign-up sheet for those that want to partake in this egg hunt next year. ;)

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Mommy Time said...

sign me up for that egg hunt =)

chloe walked away with $20 from her great grandparents,4 easter baskets & a dress up outfit from mommy & daddy.

mel said...

Wow that is CRAZY! I was laughing reading the post (nice pic btw!!) and my Hubby and I were discussing eggs, poor hubby his egges were always empty! (mine had candy or change in them lol)

Kimberly said...

Aww, looks like they had so much fun! I love the little hair Brynn is getting! SO CUTE!!!

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