07 March 2011

Take it off Monday

So here we are, five whole days after starting the Medifast Plan. And I've lost a total of...
-3 pounds!!!

Hey, 3lbs in 5 days? I'll take it! Not only is it just the weight, but I feel better. I feel lighter. I feel less.... bloated. I feel good! And I fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday!! HOLLA! I was really only 1 cheeseburger away from fitting into those jeans anyway, but still? I'm excited. My real goal is the pre-wedding jeans, but one step at a time, people. Remember... baby steps.

But let me tell ya, it ain't easy. Especially this past weekend that included being out of the house for 2 meals including a baby shower with tons of yummy food. Sigh.

I stayed strong.

Of the Medifast food that I've tried so far, I really like the pretzel sticks, cheese puffs, chicken soups, alllll of the crunch bars, the scrambled eggs, the brownies {YUM}, and the shakes.

I've found two things that I absolutely hate: the oatmeal and the cream soups. I wasn't all that hopeful about the oatmeal, since I don't like oatmeal anyway... but I gave it a try. Umm, I still don't like it. And the "cream" soups? It smelled okay but it looked like dirty dishwater. {Is it mean that I'm saying this? I'm just being honest with you guys.}

Of course I brought the cream of broccoli soup and the oatmeal in on the same day. Having already skipped breakfast, I couldn't skip lunch as well... so I put the lid on my Medifast Meal Mug {LOVE that thing} and drank it down. {Kinda like when you're pregnant and you have to take the glucose test... you know it must be done, so you just chug it. Picture that... faces and all.}

Needless to say, I won't be including those items in my next order. ;)

Overall? I'm impressed with the food. The things I like, I really like. Especially all the meal bars... their delish! Guess that's the point of the variety pack of food, huh!?! =)

Here's what some of my meals have been looking like...

Breakfast on Saturday: Dutch Chocolate Shake
It was also my snack on Sunday night, but I always have to watch out for this little guy...Sunday night dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup
Friday night snack: BROWNIE!! {Doesn't the container remind you of the overpriced cat-food containers? No? Is that just me?}
Regardless of the container it's in, these brownies are GOOD.
Most of my Lean & Green meals look something like this:
..though on Thursday night I did get chicken lettuce wraps while I was out to dinner... YUM! I'm going out to dinner again tonight and I plan to get a 6oz steak and grilled veggies. To me, the L&G meal is pretty easy, as it's all about making smart choices and controlling your portion sizes {though I'm sure that salad is a little too big ;}

Lastly, I just have to share this story with you guys. Yesterday morning, I made the Medifast chocolate chip pancakes. Not only was it my first time making these pancakes, but it was my first time making pancakes in general.

Let's just say I'm not Betty Crocker.Yeah, I suck.

I slowly got better, and my very last pancake was the best ever! The thing is... the batter was a little watery, so all the chocolate chips just sink to the bottom. So you end up with a pancake that looks like this...You can see my slow progression as a pancake chef here:
Kai really wanted to try them ;) All I did was stick all my rinky-dink pancakes under the delicious big chocolate-chip filled pancake and enjoy:I ate them by themselves with no butter or syrup. I may try to buy alternative options at the supermarket {like condiment-approved butter and syrup} to help with the taste, but overall they were good!

So yeah, 5 days and -3 pounds later I'm holding strong. Starting to feel a little weak {muscles, etc.} with the amount of calories that I'm consuming in a day compared too before, but I'm okay!

The most difficult part {by far} is eating around other people that are chomping down on Chick-Fil-A and cheeseburgers, while I eat a salad or a meal bar. But it's all about keeping your head in the game and staying focused on the goal.

And it doesn't hurt that I have these lovely ladies to support me through email, texts, and Twitter:
Kelly from The Turnip Farmer
Stephanie from Goober Grape & Monkey Man
Tiffany from MomNom.Com

Don't forget to visit their blogs and cheer them on!

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Steph said...

I am seriously sitting here cracking up at those pancakes. What the hell happened?! Bwahahahahaha ;)

Then again, I haven't taken pictures of my waffles, soooo.... ;)

Congrats on the loss, chickie! Great job!

Steph said...

The next time we are together, I will give you a pancake tutortial. I make some pretty mean pancakes!

You are doing so great! Stay strong!

Tiffany said...

Three pounds is great! Keep it up, dear! I promise, the temptations gets less tempting...I wouldn't lie to you.


Amanda said...

Congrats. Keep up the good work.

Kristi Lynn said...

3 pounds is awesome!! Go Jenni!!
Sorry for eating Chick -Fil -A in front of you but you will be a hottie while all us fattys are wondering why we don't lose weight!! LOL

Victoria said...

good job! 3 pounds in less than a week is awesome! I can't weight to not be pregnant anymore so I can drop this weight

Shauna said...

Congrats on your loss! I've been on WW since 1/8 and just reached my 10lb goal on Sat! Have you been working out at all? I'm looking into some new fun workouts to try!!

Andrea said...

That is amazing! Keep it up!

Olivia's Mommy said...


Yahoo! Congrats! That's awesome. And yeah for pre-pregnancy jeans! Love that feeling.

But I have to say I am hungry just reading your posts! Great willpower. What happens when you get to your goal? Does Medifast have a maintenance program? I have always been fond of WW and done well since you can eat what you would normally eat and plus I can't give up fruit!!!!

Keep up the good work lady!

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks everyone!! Except you, Kris... you're the devil.

@Shauna- Congrats to you!! I'm not suppose to work out the first week I'm on the program so my body can adjust. But I need creative ways to work out since I have NO TIME!

@ Kerri- Yes, they have a nutritionist and a maintenance program, both of which I'm excited about!!

sara said...

Woo hoo 3 pounds!! That's awesome. And I have to say those pancakes were maybe the saddest I've ever seen... :)

Olivia's Mommy said...

That sounds great I am going to look into it! Thanks Jenni.

molly said...

Yay Jenni! Keep it up, girl. You're doing great!

And I just wanted to say that even though I laughed at your pancakes I would still SO eat them.

Unknown said...

Just stopping by from Bloggy Mom’s to say hello! Ewww the snack brownie and it's pan does look like pet food! I have had them before, doesn't taste as bad as it looks. I look forward to following your blog.


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