03 March 2011


As in... my hair. Today. At 2:30. I think I'll tack it on to the whole "new me" thing I got going on now.

I'm nervous, but I need a serious change. I'm thinking maybe 3-4 inches off and going back to all blonde {no low lights, as usual... just highlights.} I'm ready for spring.

So I just Google imaged for style options...
...until I realized that- even if I got the same adorable haircut at Jennifer Aniston- I will never look like her. About as close as I'll come is sharing the same name.

So I'm closing the browser hoping for the best.

I'll post pictures later. Wish me luck!

PS- Thank you for all of your wonderful and supportive comments on my post yesterday! So far so good... and I love all the food so far except for the oatmeal. But I don't like oatmeal so I wasn't too hopeful anyway ;)

Holding steady at #15... thanks for your votes!!
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Steph said...

Love that cut! And it will look great on you.

kacy said...

this reminds me of the time i went in with a picture of emma stone. needless to say, i did not coming out looking like emma stone. i came out looking like a girl who had emma stone's hair cut with an uglier face.

i hope you have better luck.

Jeannie said...

I actually did that same cut a few years back...right before I got pg, and it looked fantastic! I know it can look different on everyone, but I think it will look great and that you'll love it! It's a happy medium between being short and long...

Can't wait to see what you decide!

sara said...

Can't wait to see...I'm sure you'll look great!

Shan said...

oooh! I can't wait for the reveal! You're going to look gorgeous no matter what

and kudos for the body-life transformation. It's hard work with one kiddo, I can't imagine doing it with two! Love you!

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