16 March 2011

Call for April Sponsors | Be Seen.

Looking to promote your business and/or personal blog? Now's your chance! I've changed my sponsorship page a bit and I'm now offering 2 different size ad spaces {starting April 1st} that are perfect for anything you wish to promote!

I'm also looking to promote personal blogs now because {trust me!} I know how hard it is to get started!

Before you decide to commit...
{February 15th - March 15th}
{Current Top Baby Blogs Rank}
So what the heck does that mean?...
If you'd like to get a general idea of what that means in terms of your personal blog and/or business, jenni from the blog had over 40,000 page views from mid-February to mid-March, 2011. Additionally, on average, a blog linked in my blog roll and the 125 x 125 sponsor ads were clicked on nearly 1,000 times in a single month.

And you have options...
For as little as $10, you can promote your personal blog or business! For more information about my blog stats, please click here {or the advertise link on the menu bar.}

Need help creating a 125 x 250 or 60 x 250 ad button? No problem, email me. Questions? You can email me those too =)

You guys? Rock.
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