11 February 2011

Yes, I realize I'm annoying.

I'm flooding your Google Reader today, aren't I? Do you hate me?? Yes? If so, can you still do me a teeny tiny little favor?

Pretty please?

They reset Top Baby Blogs again this afternoon. So... if you have a free second and you like my blog, can you vote for me?

Pretty, pretty please?
Help Our Rank & Visit Top Baby Blogs, Baby Blog Directory!

I promise to resume normal blogging on Monday. I have an exciting post planned for you entitled "What's in a name?" {See #10 here: "That don't mean you know me."}

You didn't actually think I'd leave ya hangin, did ya?? ;)


Unknown said...

That is dumb. You were at 11!! :( Sad. now you are at 15!

mel said...

woohoo #9

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks so much for voting girls! When ever a reset occurs, the blogs go up and down constantly for the first few days!


mel said...

how often does it reset?

jenni from the blog said...

Quarterly, Mel! In the bottom right corner of the page you can see it says "Next Reset: 6-9-11"

Him, Me, Wee 3 said...

I just stumbled across your page from... ugh.. honestly not sure which blog hop! Either way- I look forward to reading more!


mel said...

@Jenni.....hahahaha never noticed that! I joined it too!! I think i'm #5001 ;)

jenni from the blog said...

@ Him, Me, Wee 3- Thank you for following!

@ Mel- I'll vote for you!

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