10 February 2011

Thirty One winner and more!

Congrats Jessica! You just won 10% off your Thirty One order + an awesome personalized thermal tote!!!

I'm also excited to announce that there will be a second winner selected from those who place an order in my Thirty One Blog Party!! A random shopper will be selected to win a custom thermal tote or a percentage off of their total order {you can pick which on you want to receive!}

Don't forget that you can shop until next Thursday, February 17th. Thirty One offers monthly specials to every single shopper and February's special is a great one! All you have to do is spend $31 and you will get 31% off your next item! This means you can spend $31 on any item(s), and then you choose the item you want 31% off of!*

*To redeem the special 31% discount, enter $31 or more in retail purchases to your cart and then enter the discounted item to your cart with item # and an “S” behind it {for example, you would enter item #3000S for the Thermal Tote if you want that to be your 31% off product.} Email me if you have questions!

No worries... all of your items will be shipped directly to you and your billing information is kept completely private by the consultant!!

Happy Shopping and thanks to those who participated in this giveaway... there's still another chance to win! =)

Even though TBB resets tomorrow, I'm so close to #14! Ahhhh!
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Jessica Hrouda said...

Jenni - Thank you so very, very much!!! So excited to fill up my thirty one shopping cart with some great stuff :)

jenni from the blog said...

Yay!!!! =)

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