28 February 2011

Post 3 of 3 | Sadie Ryan Giveaway Winner

And for the post you've all been waiting for... the Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tile Giveaway winner! Thank you to all those who entered, there were 224 entries in this giveaway and the winner is...
{Crazy, right?}

Congratulations Lindsay, email me and we can order your tile!

For those who didn't win, but would still like a tile, I'm working with the company on a discount code just for my readers! I will post that info as soon as I have it. =)

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Unknown said...

I'm Renee and a new follower of your blog! Just thought I'd say hello, rather than be one of those creepy people that lurks around on your page haha

anyhoot, i love what you've got going here, very cute!

Feel free to take a look at mine [you know, just so you know who's reading yours :)]


Renee xo

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