28 January 2011

Your Three Words

17.2 inches.

That's how much snow we got yesterday.

Someone please shoot me. Okay, it's not that bad. But close.

For the first time EVER, Carter asked to go out and play in the snow. I was shocked. He even went and got his coat and shoes and tried to put them on himself. That's when I knew he was serious. I ran around the house looking for his hat, gloves, snow pants, and fleece jacket liner so that he would be all bundled up {picture Randy... "I can't put my arms down!"} for his big adventure in the snow.

Because this was the first time he actually wanted to go outside in the snow, I wasn't prepared at all. I had to run around the house looking for everything while he yelled "Bubba, I go outside!" I found everything but his hat and gloves {of course!} so I ended up just putting his hood up and throwing on Brynn's mittens. {Shhh, don't tell.}

After getting him all dressed, I carried him right out front, put him on the sidewalk and he immediately screamed "It's cold! It's cold! I don't want too!"

I at least made him stand out there for a few minutes. After getting him all dressed up, there was no way I was letting him off the hook that easy.It only took about 2 minutes, before he started helping us shovel!
Then, of course, he didn't want to come in. He never once stood in {or even touched} the snow. He was strictly a sidewalk man. Oh well, I was just happy he actually wanted to go outside.

And here's a cool picture that I took of the tree in our front yard. The snow was so heavy that it was pulling down the branches...
Brynnie Girl stayed in her warm pj's all day. That's my girl =)
But my poor baby has a 101 fever and is headed to the doctor's this morning. Not to mention that Bob has been sick with the flu since Monday night. We just can't win this winter, can we?? Thankfully both kids had their flu shots, so I guess that mess is headed straight to me, huh?

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Steph said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we are supposed to get an even bigger storm next week!

jenni from the blog said...

I know I saw that :( And it's suppose to snow today AND tomorrow!


Toni said...

I can't stand this snow anymore! The only good thing is I get to work from home. But I want sun and green lawns.

Hope Brynn feels better soon!

Katie said...

He looks so cute in his snow gear! And I agree Brynn has the right idea staying inside in nice warm jammies!

And what's this about another storm?!? I guess I should watch the news :)

Shan said...

I hear ya on the sickness! It hit C last Friday, and Owen and I have had it all week! Blech!!
Hope you guys are feeling better soon!

Just Add Walter said...

love the picture of him shoveling the sidewalk!! glad he finally wanted to go "play in the snow"

Hope Brynn starts feeling better soon!

sara said...

I made that exact comment about Randy when we got Pie all dressed up for snow playing. Carter looks so sweet shoveling and Brynn is so completely edible. nom nom nom. Hope she's feeling better!

Sarah said...

Oh man I can't take anymore snow. What a couple of cuties you have though. At least you can have cuddling with them on all these snow days!!

Anonymous said...

We have been battling the sickies here too, Aubrey has a cold and an ear infection. She just wants her mommy so I haven't blogged all week. Hope everyone is on the mend soon.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks everyone! I'm happy to say that Brynn does NOT have strep or an ear infection. She "just" has a bad cold. Poor thing! She's getting a lot of extra lovin' that's for sure!

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