25 January 2011

That Mom

Ok people, I'm going to be "that" mom for a second.

Brynn was selected as one of my photographer's favorite pictures of 2010. She's having a contest on her Facebook page and the client that gets the most "likes" on their picture wins an 11x14 correction: 16x20 canvas. {Ahhhhh, now I'm determined to win!!}

I sure could use a canvas of this...So, if you like Brynnie's picture and have a free second, can you please vote for her? The link is below... all you have to do is "like" sg photography and then "like" Brynn's picture!

Click here to "like"

Sweet Brynn says "thank you!"

PS- Sorry to be annoying! I know, because I'm annoying myself with this post.

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kacy said...

you win the annoying mom of the day award. but she really should win, i mean, look at that face...how could you not vote for that face?

wait, am i that aunt? shit.

Steph said...

I would vote but something tells me that's against the rules. :)

J-Berg said...

I voted!
You have every right to be "that mom". Brynnie is adorable!!

Sara Z. said...

No worries - I was "that mom" last year, too! The photog that did my maternity pics and Evan's NB pics does this every month. We came close, but didn't win. Lol. Good luck to you! I hope you get your canvas! Your children are beautiful and you are very blessed. I love reading about Brynn's accomplishments and seeing her monthly updates because she is 1 mo older than my son (6/25/10).

Amanda said...

How long is the contest for? Facebook is blocked at my work, but I can vote when I get home tonight.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks everyone!

@ Mrs. Dully- The contest ends on Monday night, Jan 31st so there's plenty of time!!


Unknown said...

Hey! I'm from thebump.com and saw you comment on a post and I always thought you had such beautiful kids with amazing pictures!

I totally voted for Brynn - OMG she is absolutely adorable!! I hope you win because you really do need a big canvas of that sweet face. :)

Kimberly said...

I voted for her! Look at that face, how could you not vote for her?!?

Larissa: said...

Done! Good luck!!

tara @ the every things said...

haha i love that you put "that mom" i feel like its like a have to in a the mom book that you have to vote for your baby in a contest once! haha

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