04 January 2011

So, what'd ya get?

We always talk about the gifts we buy for our kids, what we picked out for friends and family, and even the things we bought for the hubby.

But I want to know what YOU got this Christmas.

What were your favorite gifts? Did you get/do anything special? Any creative hubsters out there come up with a fantastic idea for you this year? Or did you go out and play Santa for yourself this Christmas? {Lots of mamas do!}

As for me, I got a lot of wonderful things this year. Because our goal was to use cash for every gift we gave to family & friends this Christmas {All 35 people! We didn't want to use a credit card for anything, big or small. Mission accomplished. =)}, Bob and I decided to set a limit for ourselves with exchanging gifts with each other for the first time ever.

And since I sent him a link with the exact directions/color/size/coupon code for the present I wanted this year, {what?} it meant that it was my one and only present from the hubster due to said limit. I didn't care AT ALL. They were all I hoped they would be.And more.

{I got him a Citizen Eco-Drive watch that I got a killer deal on. Thank you Amazon.}

Let's see... what else did I get this Christmas? A ton of gift cards {which I LOVE to get}... we're talking hair, MAC make-up {hmmm, I'm sensing that my family thinks I'm ugly} movies, dinners, Home Depot {for our upcoming bathroom remodel!!!} and many more. I also got some clothes {including my first pair of skinny jeans!} a beautiful Coach wallet from my sister, Kristi and tickets to see Les Miserables {when it comes to Philly later this month!} from my sister Kacy.


So, what'd ya get?....it's your turn!

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Steph said...

I'm lovin' my iPad! Although I am starting to think it was more of a gift for him than me. :)

Shan said...

Woohoo for your boots!

I got a few charms for my Pandora bracelet, an Old Navy Techno Hoodie, a beautiful cake plate....

and office storage for Sweet Stella's!!! yahoo!!!

and the Shrek boxed set ;)

Olivia's Mommy said...

I got an iPad! I had wanted it so bad...although, I returned it and waiting out the anticipation for the latest edition (hoping it has a camera, since we are big time skypers). Tory Burch Wedges that I had drooled over way too long and my parents also bought me the black sunglasses to match! LOVE. And a few other odds and ends, my Keurig Coffee Maker, and some Pandora Charms for my bracelet! The husband definately listen this year! I got him classes at the Culinary Academy in Boston, he's an amazing cook!

jenni from the blog said...

Wow, sounds like you guys made out great!

The iPad was a huge gift this year... and for good reason, we just love ours {and so does Carter, lol} Let me know if you find any fun apps!

Larissa: said...

OMG I HATE YOU!!!!! I wanted those freaking Uggs and they were SOLD OUT everywhere!!! Ugg's website is on backorder until January 28th! YOU SUCK! LOL! I'm so jealous, can you tell?

On another note... LOL. Hubby got me a Kindle and a new automatic cork screw!!! Sweetness :-)


Unknown said...

I got a Keurig coffee maker (LOVE!) and the "c" charm from Tiffany's to go with my "h". Now, I have one for each of my boys. I also got some clothes, shoes, gift cards and a new kitchen table!

Jealous of all your IPads :)


Unknown said...

I got a Northface fleece and a beautiful monogrammed big jewelry box from the hubs {who got zilch from me since we had agreed we weren't doing gifts!) From my inlaws I got a gorgeous purple leather Coach purse, an ipad, panini grill, silver necklace and a bunch of other stuff {very spoiled!}. I also got Snow Village houses, new pjs, and all the ipad accessories.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Larissa- OH NO! If you wear a size 8, I could lend you mine until you order yours <3

@ Amy- We got my in-laws a Keurig Maker! And I LOVE the letter charms from Tiffany's. The "j" charm looks kinda weird though... I was thinking about changing my first name to "k" or "l" b/c I like them better ;)

jenni from the blog said...

@ Tessa- Did you get the jewelry box from Pottery Barn?? If so, I think I got my sisters the same one!

And my hubs and I must have asked each other 100 times "are you sure you stuck to the limit??" b/c we didn't want 1 person to have more than the other. We were both good! =)

Unknown said...

Jenni-too funny! It is the Pottery Barn one! My SIL got one too, so it must've been the gift to give this year. :)

Mary said...

From the hubs: the same Ugg boots you got in gray (I LOVE THEM!), a gift set from Bath and Body Works, and my favorite - six diamonds added to my wedding band. Amazing. He did good :)

My mom got Mike & I a new 32' flat screen for our bedroom (our old tv was a 19' box from the 80's that was given to us like ten years ago!)

Nice Christmas!!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Mary- Sounds like you were VERY good this year! So jealous about your wedding band!

Audrey said...

I got a trip to Austin over mlk weekend to see my bff!!! I kind of shopped for myself on that one! I also got a massage. I think my hubby sensed Mommy needs some time away an relaxation! Happy New Year!!!

Larissa: said...

SCORE! Send them over mamma :-) You are so sweet! LOL! I already have gray tall ones that can keep me warm until the end of the month! Thanks though!

Tracy Eyles said...

For the first time in over twenty years, I only received toys for Christmas. My father-in-law got me an I-Pod Shuffle and my mother-in-law got us a WII system and my favourite game...Dance, Dance Revolution. We've been having a blast. It was a great Christmas!!

Erica said...

Cash...Cash...and more Cash from the family. Hubs got me a Bose docking station for my iPod and some cash, so I can purchase the Canon Rebel T1i, which I can't wait to get! I got him a new Vizio 42" Flat Panel for his man cave.

Unknown said...

Very cute!
I love reading your blog...just gave you an award.

jenni from the blog said...

Wow, it seems like everyone made out good this year! Way to go girlies!

@ Stephanie- Aww, thank you so much!!

Audrey said...

any just for the record, i want your boots! too cute!

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