30 December 2010

7 months

Hi Brynnie Girl!
You turned 7 months on Christmas Eve and I can not believe it!
You've done so many wonderful things this month. You talk a TON. You are officially a sitting expert and we no loner have to worry about you when we plop you down. Your hair is growing so much that you now have "bed head" when you wake up =) You just started clapping your hands and you look so darn cute when you do it. You love music and when mommy sings to you {even though her voice is simply awful.} You are a daddy's girl already and you search for him whenever someone else is holding you. We always have to say "daddy's over there Brynnie!"You are officially the world's happiest baby. You are always so pleasantly sweet and just a joy to be around. No matter where we go, people always comment on just how good of a baby you are and that they "don't even know you're there" because you never cry.
On Christmas Eve, you sat up in a "big girl" high chair when we went out to lunch and it was the first time I thought you no longer looked like a baby. :(
You currently wear size 18m clothing {but some 12m outfits still fit you} eat 2 meals a day {we're trying 3 meals, but you really don't care to have it} and veggies are your favorite, which is quite the opposite of most babies. You drink about 6oz at a time, sometimes more {like before bed} and sometimes less. You go to bed around 8:30pm and wake up at 6:00am. Every once in a while you do wake up in the middle of the night, but it's not often.

At the present moment, you really have no interest in crawling. You can turn yourself around in circles on your belly to get different toys and such, but you haven't tried getting up on your knees yet. You also have no teeth, but I swear I see one about to come through on the bottom. You're chomping and drooling on everything, so I'm sure it won't be long Sweet Pea.

Okay, let's take a look and see how much you've grown this month:
Ahhhh, pretty soon we'll have to start planning your first birthday party! {I'm not kidding... I'll probably start in January ;)}

Love you so so much baby girl!

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Jeannie said...

She is seriously the cutest thing with the most beautiful eyes!

molly said...

I know I love my long Briggy frog legs but I still LOVE Brynnie's chunky legs.

Isn't it crazy how fast it's going?

Anonymous said...

Such a big girl! And man, she has killer eyes.

Helen@Leather baby shoes said...

They all turn into "Daddies girls" at some stage. She's just getting ahead of the game.

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