17 November 2010

Christmas Ideas {Help!}

I seriously don't know what my problem is this year {mama brain times two??} but I can not think of a single thing to buy anyone for Christmas.

Mom? Clueless. Dad? Pfft. Sisters? I give up. Bob? Actually... I may have 1 idea for him.

Now, the kids are easy... I buy them what they need {mostly clothes, PJ's, etc.} and a few fun toys. Some things I have my eye on this year are...

Right now, Carter Man is loving anything that is car/school bus/truck related. My parents have already gotten him some really cool things {and I'm sure that my sisters and MIL have as well} but I saw this and immediately fell in love with it- FP Rampway Play Set:
Have you seen the commercials for the 2010 Hess truck? Well, Carter did and he stopped in his tracks to watch the whole thing. I guess we need to locate the nearest Hess station.
The new Thomas the Train track:
My 1st Remote Controlled School Bus:
And LOTS of books, like Cars, Trucks, Trains, & Planes {perfect, right?} and I love the Little Golden Books that go along with his favorite movies like Toy Story 3, Cars, Up, & Nemo {all at only $3.99 each!}

PBK Anywhere Chair {I'm thinking I'll get the green dot chair, since Carter already has the solid green chair.}Sophie Bath Buddy {to match her BFF Sophie the Giraffe}
Brynnie mostly needs winter clothes right now, though, since she's growing like a weed. We plan to get her a new winter jacket, PJ's, and lots of comfy-type everyday outfits & onsies. A trip to Carter's Outlet store is in my very near future.

Oh, and I'm on the hunt for Brynn's very first Christmas ornament! I know Hallmark always has cute things, but I thought I'd search Etsy to see what personalized ornaments I could find there. Of course, Etsy came through for me once again!

I think I've decided on this one- Farmhouse Christmas Block: You can personalize all 6 sides, so I think I will put (1) her full name, (2) birth date & time, (3) weight & length, (4) first initial, (5) "Baby's First Christmas", and (6) the year of 2010 on the last side. =)

Okay, to get back to the point of this post... I need your help! I need ideas for what to get my family. I already talked to everyone and told them what a loser I am this year for not being able to think of gifts for them. They promised to give me ideas of some things that they want/need.

But, I turn to you, my readers... what have been some of your favorite gifts to give and/or receive??

One thing to keep in mind- 2 years ago I started a tradition to give a gift for my mom and sisters that was a "Girls Day Out." My sister Kristi followed suit, and took over last year, getting us all massages and dinner gift cards. This year, I already know that my sister Kacy has something big planned for us. So my gift to my mom and sisters can't really be a day out {it's my turn again next year!}

PS- Yes, my family reads my blog {hi guys!} but like I already mentioned...they know I'm a loser this year {yes, only this year, Kacy} so bring on the good ideas! :)

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kacy said...


jenni from the blog said...

@ Kacy- I may be able to get you the keys to that car. I don't know... they get pretty expensive too. I'll look into it.

The Mrs./The Mom said...

A quick thoughtful idea for your parents my be photo gifts of the grand kids. You can use the photos from your photosession with Steph plus a few personal pics that you might have a give photobooks based around a theme. I am not sure if you use a photosharing website like shuttefly or snapfish but their projects galleries always give me a TON of ideas.

Last year I got my parents a date night out and a date night in. In the gift bag was a gift card to a big chain movie theater in our area and it was enought to cover the tickets and some goodies (because we all know the movies are overpriced these days) you can also throw in a gift certificate to a restaurant so they can have dinner and a movie! Then in a separate bag I put a bag of microwave popcorn, their favorite beverages (diet coke and bottled water) and m&ms, potatoe chips, mike & ikes... you can load it up! they LOVED it! It was creative and easy to do. Those are just tow idead and just for your parents but it's a start!

Toni said...

Um, I'm awful with ideas - I usually end up with gift cards. But I just wanted to say the first 2 things for Carter are on Jack's Christmas list, too! :)

Also - I love the girls day out gift idea!

Unknown said...

Love the ideas for the kidlets :)
As for me, I always end up getting my mom a few Yankee candles, because she burns candles all day, every day and LOVES them. Bath and Body Works soaps and lotions are also a big hit for her {and my sister in law}.
My dad, on the other hand... is incredibly difficult to shop for. I usually just ask him to tell me a few things he wants/needs and pick from that list.
I have three younger brothers who are all now OBSESSED with Hollister clothing... so I plan to get them some things from there or maybe just gift cards so that they can pick out what they want themselves. :)

Shannon said...

Owen plays with the rampway play set at daycare and LOVES it!!!

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Last year I started a new tradition. I made the grandparents a 12 month calendar using photos of Hannah. I plan on doing that every year so next year we'll include our little man as well. It's not a big gift but sometimes the small gifts are the ones that mean the most to people. :o)

kacy said...


i'm not going to budge anymore then this.

jenni from the blog said...

Those are all great ideas ladies!!!

@ Kacy- What about the 3 series at least?? You had to go with the 5?

That movie basket would be a great idea, for my dad especially.

mel said...

my sil does the photo calendars, and each year there's a new baby we get a ceramic picture ornament (even walmart and walgreens offers them for cheap)We are doing this for the grandparents and great grandparents and for my mom and stepfather we are doing photo travel mugs with a collage of pictures (you never see them without their coffee so it's perfect!)

Lexie's still little this year so she's getting a new tub, some toys and books :)

My favorite gift to receive has been a ring from my DH when we were first dating that he designed and my ipod touch (gift cards for it) I LOVE that thing, esp when nursing in the middle of the night!

Giving- I make scrapbooks and frames and picture collages - something I know they would love or would use :)

Good Luck!

Jenn said...

For DH this year I took DD to a paint your own pottery place. We picked out a travel mug, painted it black and then in white put one of her footprints on each side, and in between the prints wrote "Have a Great Day Daddy!". When I told my mom about it, she said she'd like one too.

Jenn said...
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Kathleen Bolt said...

I took my daughter to color me mine and had her paint a trivot for my mom with her hand print in the center, and for my mil she painted a ring stand, since her mom recently passed away and she was given a number of rings from her. Samantha is just a few months younger than Carter.

Megan said...

I am stuck on ideas for my family members too, so I can't be much help. But I wanted to say thanks for the ideas you gave me for my son! I was having issues coming up with toy ideas for him... I'm thinking the rampway play set is perfect! Thanks girlie :)

Shan said...

Ive made photo boxes for the grandmas and am fllling them with pictures of O

For Papi, a personalized, handpainted frame, with a picture of O for his office

If you need any handmade schtuff, lemme know! shanmoyer@yahoo.ca I'd be happy to help a friend!

Audrey said...

I'm loving this post because you just gave me some ideas for my boys (and we share a few of them too!). The Coach store always saves me for girly gifts (I'm awaiting their 25% off coupon too). Sorry...I'm no help. However, I do think your sister's ideas are fabulous!

sara said...

Sophie bath Buddy will be mine..oh yes, she will be mine. I mean Pie's :)

My favorite things in the last few years have been crafts. We draw names and then make something for that person. Everything from a picture family tree to a solar powered cell phone charger. It's crazy to see what people think of!!

Unknown said...

We got this ornament for my daughter in honor of Christmas and Sophie: http://www.lenox.com/cat/index.cfm?fuseaction=prod&pid=7244&kf=e1425&pagenum=1

Andrea said...

These are giving me great ideas :) The biggest hits weve given have been those blankets you can put pictures on. We gave my SIL one with a picture of her kids last Christmas and she loved it. Also, MyPublisher.com is my go to. I make coffee table picture books for everyone! (Including myself)!

Moorhouse said...

For your sisters Ugg Mocs (unless you already have them) You can wear them inside and outside - I don't have any but want some! My friends that do only take them off for work.

Amy B said...

I don't have any gift suggestions but I totally just ordered that block for Addison! Too cute:)

Mrs. S said...

Pottery Barn is going to have those chairs on sale tomorrow! 20 dollars off + free shipping

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've enjoyed reading your blog since your little Brynn is the same age as my baby girl. I just wanted to let you know that I saw a big sign in Wal-mart today announcing a recall on the FP Rampway Play Set. I think it was just for the two little cars that come with it (the wheels can come off). You might already know about it, but I just thought I'd mention it since you have a little one that is likely putting everything in her mouth! Here's the info: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml10/10360.html

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