20 October 2010

The E Word

Speaking of family pictures... I'm fat. {No? That's not a good segue?}

Well, it's true.

I've lost all my pregnancy weight but that's about it. My belly still looks awful. I feel... floppy. My pre-pregnancy pants fit me, but not without a lovely muffin top. Going one pant size up doesn't help because then they're too big everywhere else {and I still have said muffin top.} I've had to buy a whole new style of shirt {in which I've titled this shopping experience- "operation hide-a-belly"}.

It's about time I stop the wine whine and start the grind. Meaning- I need to get my fat ass up and start working out.

Yes, the dreaded "E" word... {I'm talking about exercise, people!}

But when?

With two kids and a full time job, free time is hard to come by. My day starts at 5:30am as it is, so getting up any earlier is completely out of the question. After a full day of work, a 45 minute commute, and picking the kiddos up from my mom's, we don't usually stroll into the house until about 6:30-7 pm.

When I get home, I want to spend as much time kissing on my babies as humanly possible. Then there's bath time {which takes both Bob and I to get both kiddos done} and I usually take my shower at night {again, cause waking up before 5:30am just ain't happenin' for me}. Then it's playtime with my baby girl and "milky" and cuddle time with my Carter Man {in which I usually end up falling asleep before he does.}

Do you see any free time that I'm missing?

One advantage that I do have is this:
I work at a university. With a brand new gym. That I am able to use at any time for a low monthly fee. Maybe that's my chance? Working out at lunchtime isn't really ideal- I mean, you are dressed nice for work, then you have to change into workout clothes, get all hot and sweaty, and then come back to work again. In nice clothes. I believe they have showers there, but still... showering in a public place? With my students? Ew.

But it may be my only option if I don't want to cut into my time spent with the kiddos.

Another advantage that I have:
I have my own office. With plenty of room. Perhaps I should start closing my office door at lunch time and re-start the 30-day shred that was helping me lose weight before. It only takes 20 minutes, which leaves time for a lean cuisine or something for lunch.

Hmmm. Maybe that's it.

But the last advantage I have:
I work in Philadelphia. Right in the middle of this wonderful city. I could bring my sneakers everyday and just... walk. They just put a new walking trail along the Schuylkill River {and for the non-Philly natives, that's pronounced "skūl-kil"} that is beautiful. Or I can take a walk down into center city or Rittenhouse Square like I use too when I first started working here 6 years ago. I lost a lot of weight for my wedding that way {and spent a lot of money at the Walnut Street shops, but whatever gets me going, right? Motivation is key.}

Yeah, so, I think that's really my only option... working out at work.

Please share your secrets- When do you find time to work out??

{And thanks for letting me think aloud here.}

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Kristie said...

I feel ya on this one! I hate exercising - finding time is not fun - but after my hubs asked me if i was "still watching what i eat" last night when i opened the ice cream ... i gave it to sweetart ... still didn't exercise but the time I've got is at 5 a.m. and its creepy outside then!!! let me know what you figure out!!

J-Berg said...

My vote is for a combo of the shred and walking.

The shred would be great for colder weather, walking for when it's nice out.

I hate gyms. I hate people watching me sweat and showering in a "public place"..... ewww **shutters***.

kacy said...

hit the lottery, quit your job, workout during the day while your nanny watches the kids then hire a personal trainer and someone to cook healthy delicious meals for you. then hop in your benz and go out shopping, go get a massage and mani's & pedi's. no, not realistic? i tried. good luck!

Brianna said...

My boyfriend works int he city ( at Comcast) and walks everyday, granted he does not need to lose weight, but he says he has lost like 10 lbs just doing that, and it doesnt take any time away from me( most important-HA!) or the kids! He does it everyday on lunch, and he says it gives him an extra burst of energy for the rest of the day. Good luck!!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Kacy- Well that was my original plan, but it didn't work out. This is Plan B. :)

MrsKBJ said...

I like the walking idea at lunch. But, what about when it gets to cold?

What about waking up 1/2 early to do the shred. I like that idea combined with walking. It would just be for a month or so anyway. Just to get toned. You can do it!!!

Let us know what you coem up with!

danielle said...

Ok, Jenni D, here are my thought out loud.. Doing anything during lunch kinda stinks b/c it's going to get really cold out and plus, you're looking all pretty for work and you don't want to mess that up, right? ;)

So, this is what I do... first I got the shape up app on my IPhone, which I think you have too... and it's a great calorie keeper and since I have to type in everything I eat I hardly cheat... and then there's the ab workout app that is wonderful... it works your abs for 5 minutes.

Maybe you could do the ab workout or the shred while hubs is doing baths by himself. That's what I do... Jeff gives the girls their baths every night and that's when I go out running... or right after dinner, right before baths... does that make sense?

I know I'm a SAHM so I'm ready for some me time by bath time, but it is only 20 minutes of the shred or running and then you'll be back in time for cuddle time.

OR get up 20 minutes before, which totally stinks BUT then, you'll be done working out for the day and you won't have to think about it ;)

By just the calorie app and running I've lost a lot of weight and inches off my midsection...

I hope I helped... ;)

Erica said...

Honestly, I would suck it up and join the gym at the school. It is hard to work out at home when you have much more appealing options, and a video might get you where you want to be quickly, but what about maintaining it? I get the sweating/community shower thing, but you can do 30 minutes of weights 2 days/week and 30 minutes of walking 3 days/week (outside when it is nice or on the treadmill when it is not) without getting gross and sweaty (so no need for a communal shower). If you are not doing high intensity cardio or weights, it might not get you results quickly, but you will get there and anything is better than nothing.

~Mrs. JMS~ said...

I just wrote this same blog post....I vote for wlaking or the office shred when its cold. Let us know what you decide.

Toni said...

I work out at work. I take classes 2-3 days per week. They're at 12pm and I shower after (I dont wash my hair). Other days, I go down and do the elliptical for 40 min. If I didn't have the gym at work, I doubt I'd be working out much. I'm in the same boat - up around 6, then we don't get home until about 6pm at night. I could do the elliptical once I put the baby to bed, but I usually have to clean up and I'm exhausted at that point.

So yea - work out at work! I say walk outside when it's nice, then do the gym or 30 day shred in your office. That's awesome you have an office. I can't work out in my cube :)

staci said...

I'm jealous that you have the scenery of the city to look at when you walk at work. I'd totally walk if I were you. Then when the weather is bad or you need a change do the shred.

Shan said...

We have a system...and it's working for us - though I am a SAHm...so im not sure how itèd be impacted by another kiddo and work!

Sunday- S, gym in the morning
monday - C, gym in the evening, dinner then S, hot yoga at 8pm
tuesday - S, training with personal trainer
Wednesday - C, gym
Thursday - S, training with personal trainer
Saturday - S, gym in the morning, C, gym whenever I get back

It works...its hard...but it works :)

Kim said...

I JUST made a post about the dreaded JEANS!! I was seriously about to go into photoshop and literally put the top of a muffin on a picture of jeans so my readers would get the memo. I'm below my PP weight, and still they look like crap. My baby is 2 months old, and I feel like I don't have time either. Key word "feel". Your schedule is crazy Mama! I'll read some of the tips everyone is offering!

Jen said...

I say walk when it's nice out and then do the gym at work when it's not nice enough to walk outside. I'm with pp Erica. I say do weights twice a week and then walk on the treadmill or do the elliptical on the days you don't walk outside. I am with you on the getting up early! There is no way I can get up any earlier than I possibly do to work out. I too am up at 5:30 for my work day. Good luck with whatever you decide! I am almost 5 months pp and I too still have that dreaded muffin top and I have been running/working out 5+ days a week! Guess I should take a look at what I'm eating and up my ab routine :)

Christina R. said...

OK. The hubs and I both work full-time at a university, have 2 year old, and don't roll in the door till between 5 p.m. on some days and 6:30 on others after picking up from preschool or the in-law's.

I did the Shred and after the 30 days, I have kept doing it 4-5 times a week. I just had to squeeze in the stupid shred when we got home. Whether the hubs did bathtime by himeelf or started bedtime alone, I squeezed in the torturous 20 minutes. It was the ONLY way I could fit in a workout. Sometimes the two of us don't eat dinner till 8 p.m. because I would do the workout after bathtime and putting our daughter to bed.

My day starts at 4:50 and I refuse to workout (at our nice univ facilities) during lunch.

Good luck!

Amy said...

Love this post-very real problem for all busy moms. I'm in the same situation w/VERY long days of work and commuting.

My solution: instead of paying to park at the University I work for (Go Wisconsin Badgers!), I park "off-campus" for free. I walk 15 min in the morn and at night. Not sure if this is feasible for you, but works well for me. Except I'm not sure about the upcoming winter....keep us posted w/your solution!

sara said...

That sounds like my day. I havne't figured that e word time yet either. Or found the energy!

Anonymous said...

I am right there with ya! Two kiddos, full time job, and desperately needing a tone up!

I have been making sure I eat a good, low-fat breakfast, watching my portions so I don't gorge myself (which is hard to do if you are eating something you love!!) and have started doing the 30 day Shred and walking. It is helping and definitely giving me much more energy. I vote you work out in your office. Then you still have time to eat. And I usually don't get ridiculously sweaty shredding.

It's so hard to get motivated at first but once you start seeing the results, you will be so pumped to continue :) Good luck, Momma!

molly said...

I am having some body image issues too. Even though I am to my pre-pregnancy weight and continue to lose weight (I think something is wrong with my thyroid) I still have a pooch on my tummy and everything else is starting to sag!

I want to do some type of exercise. I used to take long walks a lot. Not so much with two babies and a full-time job though.

I think a work-out DVD is probably going to be the only choice for me right now. I get up early already too so night time is it for me. But if B doesn't go down until 9 or after then I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open.

I guess I just need to force myself to do it. I know it's important but I'd rather sleep with ANY spare time I have!

Steph said...

I exercise after the kids are in bed. It's the only way I can! ;) I just started the new Shred DVD called Shred it With Weights and it's supposed to help tone muscles quite a bit.

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