25 October 2010

Brynn's Baptism

...was a complete success! From the church to the pictures to the party, everything went perfectly. It was a gorgeous day out yesterday too, so that made it even better.

Getting the house ready was a big pain, but it looked perfect for Brynnie girl's big day. Here's how we set everything up:

{obviously pre-food.... and people.}
A close up of the favors my mom made! Sooooo yummy...
After the house was clean and the decorations were up, we headed off to the church for the ceremony. This was the same church that Bob and I were married in, and the same church that Carter was Baptized in. It's very special=)

The ceremony:
Brynnie girl did not shed a single tear! She was soooooooo good!
Bob and I were making faces at her and she was just smiling away at us =)
When the Preist spoke to the church, he came over to me and insisted on holding Brynn while he talked. He held her in front of the church for about 15 minutes... it was adorable. Brynnie just stared at him the entire time, like this...
It was hilarious. She didn't cry at all though. Nice to know that my kid can go to a complete stranger and be perfectly content, right?

We tried to take pics inside the church after the ceremony...
But Brynnie got overheated in her big dress and needed to be calmed down with kisses from her big brother.
So we snapped one picture of Carter Man...{who was slightly obsessed with this chair... he even walked up there to sit in it in the middle of the ceremony}
...and headed outside to the beautiful weather for family pictures...
Brynnie with her new Godparents, Aunt Kristi and Uncle Matt!!
My girl =)
GG and Poppy...
Brynn and Aunt Kacy {with brown hair now!}
If Carter wasn't being chased through the {empty} parking lot, this actually would have been an awesome family pic if he were in it too =)
Brynn and her daddy...And just a few pics of me with my mom and sisters. Love them.
So you're probably wondering where the actual party pictures are, right? {or not.} Well, the truth is, from the moment we got home, I ran around like a crazy person running the party. I didn't take a single picture.

But, as crazy as it all was, it was perfect. The food was delicious and the party was so nice.

Oh, and my Brynnie girl is 5 months old now =) Post to come about that. The way time is moving just isn't fair...

If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

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molly said...

Oh, everything looks perfect, Jenni! I'm so glad it went well. And your girl really looks like a perfect china doll. Her rosy cheeks and blue eyes and pink lips. Seriously, a doll!

Congrats to Brynnie and NO, it's NOT fair how fast time moves.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fabulous day!!

sara said...

The house looks fantastic and you all look so happy and beautiful!!

Congrats on a wonderful day!

Steph said...

Okay, a few things.

1) Your house is gorgeous. I am jealous of your colors. And that fall wreath is so pretty...where did you get it?

2)Those favors are so amazing! Love them!

3) I want to nom baby cheeks. Sigh. Brynn is adorable. And I can't believe how grown up Carter looks. I still remember you posting his birth story in his little Carter hat on TB!

4) Um, you look amazing. Jealous again.

Bethany said...

Brynn is adorable and you look stunning!! Way to go!

Unknown said...

Looks like a great day! Brynn always has the sweetest expression on her face.

Jenn said...

congrats to Brynn it looks beautiful. Glad you had such a nice day and what a pretty dress

Larissa: said...

Awww! Everything looks so nice! Beautiful pictures from the church!! Congrats again!

mel said...

Looks like everything went well! I'm nervous about Lexie's (only 2wks away...)

I had to Laugh... GG? Grandma G? We call my mom GG short for Grandma Gail :)

jenni from the blog said...

Aww, thanks girls! You're too sweet :)

@ Mel- Good luck with Lexie's! Oh, and my mom wanted to be called "G-ma" (short for grandma, obviously) but my nephew Ben turned it into "GG" and it stuck! Now it's either "GG" or "Geeg" :)

Shannon said...

I'm glad everything went well! and- I have to say- I love your sister with brown hair! looks great on her!

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Looks like it was a perfect day! Everything was beautiful!

Shan said...

yay!! Go Team God!! Owen was baptized at the end of August, and I know whatcha mean...chicken with head cut off afterward!
Im glad it went well!!!

kacy said...

me and brynn are the best looking ones. ohhh and shannon, i don't know you, but i like you. thanks!

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