04 October 2010

Brynn- 1. Crib- 0.

So last night was the first night of Brynn "sleeping" in her crib. And it did not go well.

By midnight, she had already been up three times. Add to it the fact that Carter had already been up twice {I think there was some kind of wake-off that I didn't know about} when I finally decided to throw in the towel and put her back in her Rock-N-Play.

Whew. I'll try again tonight, I guess.

Carter had a much easier transition to the crib {basically due to the fact that he's a belly sleeper and he outweighed the bassinet by 7 weeks... there was no where else for him to sleep!} Brynn, on the other hand, not so much. She's the kind of girl that likes being cuddled and enjoys sleeping on the type of incline that the RNP, car seat, and swing provide.

So, here's the plan- we're going to try to start with naps in her crib and pack-n-play to see if that helps her transition into sleeping on a flat surface. She did sleep for a 1 hour stretch and then a 2 hour stretch in her crib last night, so I think starting with naps will be perfect.

Fingers crossed...

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Jenn said...

Oh Jenni, I feel you on this one! Addie is still sleeping in her newborn napper of the pack and play after 6 weeks of being up every 2 hours. I finally relented and put her back in even though her feet stick out the top. I just got her a sleep positioner that has an incline with sides (fully breathable) and am going to try that in the bassinet of the pack and play. We're also still swaddling at 4 months.... picky little sleepers we have.

Jeannie said...

We started Henry will naps in his crib than moved to nights and that seemed to work really well.

Good luck!

SSG said...

What if you put a few towels underneath the crib mattress to give it some incline? That might help the transition a little bit since it won't be such a huge difference, and then when she gets used to it you can take them out.

Team Davis said...

We had the same problem with Jillian...she only wanted to sleep in the swing. I agree with Shannon above...try putting some pillows or a folded up blanket under one side of her mattress. but be careful not to incline it too much or she will wiggle her way down the mattress. :) You could also try a mobile or something with music and lights to put her to sleep if she is already laying in the crib.

Let us know how it goes! Jillian is still a work in progress. :)

Shan said...

GL doll!! Elevate the mattress like Shannon suggested - it might work wonders for her and you can gradually take out a towel every now and then to transition her to a flatter surface.

Owen seemed to be comforted by sleeping on the tshirt or tanktop that I'd worn that day so he could smell me and we'd do his entire routine (bottle, infant massage and story) in his room so he would get used to it. The light on a dimmer helped too!!

Megan said...

Good luck - SO not looking forward to this. My daughter will not sleep on her back. She'll sleep on her belly (naps in PNP when I'm there) but I don't feel comfortable having her do that at night yet. I think I'm leaving her in her RNP until she's an expert roller b/c then she'll sleep however she wants. At least she's in her own room in the RNP - that's something ;)

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks girls! I was thinking of elevating the mattress, but I think what she likes the most, is the cuddled feeling. Hmmm. I'll try anything, though!

Last night, she was coughing a lot so I kept her in the RNP. Poor baby!

sara said...

Pie loves that cuddle feeling too. She slept in her crib for a bit and then revolted now she sleeps in her pack n play with a changing pad under the sheet. It curves around her a bit and that seems to help. But I REALLY want her back in the crib!

Amy Nielson said...

i feel your pain! i was so scared to transition parker to his crib that i waited a good 5 months to even attempt it. so far we've been doing alright at night... naps are a different story!

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