13 September 2010

Stuff I'm Lovin'

Here's a little post about stuff I can not live without these days...

I friggen love this thing and every time I take it out, someone always comes up to me to ask where I got it. This one woman at the mall last week even said she loved it so much that she wanted to buy it and use it as her purse! It's super cute and fits more things then I could possibly imagine. It's perfect for one or two babies {or, as a purse, apparently.}

When we first brought Brynn home from the hospital, she refused to sleep anywhere but her car seat or her swing. It took about 3 days of dealing with that {or no sleep} before buying the Rock-n-play. She loves it, and as we all know: happy {and well rested} baby = happy mama.

Not only is it approved for nighttime sleeping, it has a 25lb weight limit {therefore, approved for monster babies} and is easy to travel with! We took it to OBX with us and we also take it to my mom's house everyday. LOVE. It reminds me of the "moving buddies" quote from Toy Story... "If you don't have one... GET ONE." ;)

I don't know if you know this {yet}, but toddlers tend to throw their food. And their bowls. And anything else that's in front of them.

Well, in Carter's defense, he doesn't really "throw" his bowl as much as he pushes it away forcefully while saying either "all gone" or "Kai Kai!" {meaning he wants to give his leftovers to our dog.}

As soon as I saw this toddler eating system at Babies R' Us, I knew I had to have it. The place mat portion is made of a non-slip material that stays in place on any eating surface, while the matching bowls/plates, suction right to the mat so that the toddler {and sometimes the mama} can't remove it.

It's brilliant.

It also helps with the frustration Carter faces when he's scooping his food and the bowl/plate keeps sliding. We love it!

Garneir Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller

I decided to invest my $10 in this as soon as I looked in the mirror about a week after having Brynn. And boy, did I need it.

Not only does it contain minerals to help with the puffiness under my eyes {mainly due to lack of sleep} but it also has a tinted concealer to help with the dark circles too. The roll-on feature makes it easy to use, and I just keep it in my make-up bag and wear it daily {yes, I need it that often.} It's wonderful.

I'm sure I'll have more to add to this list soon...

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Unknown said...

Um, that diaper bag is basically way too adorable to be a diaper bag. It breaks baby gear laws. Therefore, I added it to my "to-buy" list. :)
And I've heard a lot of good things about the Rock & Plays lately. Perhaps I need to add one of THOSE to my list as well?

jenni from the blog said...

@ Jess- YES you do. The thing is wonderful. I know a lot of people decide to buy it when they realize they have a baby who just. won't. sleep. It works miracles.

Don't tell Mr. Fisher Price this, but I would have paid way more than $50 to get Brynn to sleep. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have your top 2 items also and I love them!! I get sooo many compliments on the diaper bag. I love it! The one thing I don't like is the outside insulated pockets, I can't find any bottles that fit in them (we use Dr. Brown's). Do you have that problem also?

mel said...

looking in to the diaper bag! mine's small and i thought i'd like it, and I do love it it's LLbean...but it's SMALL!

RNP is AWESOME! After two weeks of Lexie only sleeping on my chest someone suggested it and after researching we drove 90mins for one she LOVES it! :) She'll sleep in her swing or car seat but not for long only 30mins max so this has been a LIFE saver!

Also put the toddler mat on my list for down the road :)

jenni from the blog said...

@ lovesweetlove- The 4oz Dr.Brown's actually fits, but we stopped using those after about a month, lol.

We use the Similac Sensitive 8oz travel-sized ready-to-feed formula and it fits in the insulated part of the bag perfectly! =)

Sara said...

HAHA! My husband and I quote that "moving buddies" line at least 5 times a day!

I think Jacob watched Toy Story 1,475,329 times while his leg was broken.

Unknown said...

I almost got that diaper bag.. We're adopting twins and I was going to get the version that is two bags that clip together as one! It's good to know that you love it! We currently have a Skip Hop. I found your blog on TBB and look forward to following along!
Beneath the Acacia Tree

Laura said...

We love the RNP too! I don't think we could live without it. I am in no hurry to get our daughter in the crib.

I got some of that Tommee Tippee stuff at my shower, I'm glad to hear it works! Some people were doubtful.

I am going to go out tonight and grap that dark circle roller. As a fellow new mom, I have permanent dark circles. Thanks!

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