07 September 2010

Back to work.

I had planned on writing a {somewhat interesting} blog post today, but my plans were ruined by 276 new emails in the week that I was on vacation. Stupid work. ;)

I got it down to 11 new emails in 2 hours though, so that's not too shabby. But I have a bunch of meetings too.

Is it too early for a beer?

I guess I'll write that blog post tomorrow...

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Unknown said...

Well, you definitely can't say that your job is boring... :)

jenni from the blog said...

@ Jess- The kiddos come back in 2 weeks... there's never a dull moment here! ;)

sara said...

It's never too early for beer.

Anonymous said...

Boooo for vacations cut too short and for work too :(

mel said...

Work always gets in the way doesn't it? :) (and it's never to early for beer!)

Shan said...

Dear Jenni's job: We would like our favroute blogger back.

thanks in advance,

jenni from the blog said...

LOL! Aww, thanks Shan! It is SUPER crazy around here, but I finally feel caught up now. For the moment.

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