01 September 2010

Eff Earl.

Well, our vacation has been fabulous so far and some "little" hurricane ain't gonna ruin it. ;)

While we're taking Earl seriously, of course, we're also trying to enjoy ourselves while we still have nice weather. We're headed to the beach again today {it's beautiful right now... the calm before the storm?} and then to the wine festival {which is my absolute favorite part of vacation} tonight.

We only plan to leave if there is a mandatory evacuation. As of right now, we're looking forward to being beach front for Earl. Everyone filled up their gas tanks yesterday {just in case!} and we have a fridge full of food.

And beer.

We're good.

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Sumer said...

Oh man! I hope Earl stays away for you guys!!

I vote for you everyday!!!! (just wanted to let you know) and I have been a follower since Carter was a baby!

Can you do me a favor?????

I entered Aiden into iSmile's Beautiful Baby Contest. This is the local studio where we go to get his monthly portraits taken. To vote, click on the link below. You will see Aiden's photo enlarged on the right side of the screen. Hover over the upper right of the photo, and a box will appear. Just click the green thumbs up symbol to vote. You don't need to register or log in or anything to vote. One vote allowed per IP address. (So vote on each computer you have at home, plus at work!)

Tell everyone you know!!!

Thanks so much!!!


The Mrs./The Mom said...

Be safe!!!!

MrsKBJ said...

Oh man, I know! We have been keeping an eye on it. We were suppose to visit family on long island this weekend.

sara said...

Fingers crossed it blows right past you. Have fun at the wine tasting!

Jenna said...

Bummer! Hopefully it blow right by you. I waitinged out a small hurricane in Florida a few years ago. It was one of the coolest experiences! Be Safe!

Jessica said...

Stay safe! Hopefully it will slow down as it gets closer to land and will turn into a Tropical Storm. You may just get a really neat show since you a beach front. I was in NC for a hurricane one year and got to see a water spout!

Sweet Little Lovings said...

Stay safe! Hurricanes are a scary thing to be in. We were right in Hurricane Charley's path when it hit Florida 6 years ago and it was just crazy to be in/witness!

Sarahs Flowers and Gifts said...

I was doing dished this morning, listening to the radio when I kept hearing about the bad weather headed towards the Outer Banks. I said outloud - "Gosh, I hope Jenni and her family are okay" ....my husband says "who the hell is Jenni?" :D

Keep safe - we're thinking of you!

And PS - Hannah's Nemo invites were AWESOME! Everyone loved them.

Jess said...

I thought about you and your family this morning when I turned on the local news and saw evacuations were imminent. I hope Earl stays clear for the rest of your trip!

jenni from the blog said...

@ Sumer- VOTED! :)

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