24 August 2010


Well the appointment went as well as can be expected when you have an infant, a toddler, a nervous mommy, and a husband who hurt his knee in the doctors office.

We were surprised to find out that Carter was actually up-to-date with all of his vaccinations, so he just had a standard well visit. But my poor Brynnie girl got 5 shots and the RotaVirus, which is taken by mouth.

And, for some reason, during the appointment Carter looked like this...
...while Brynn looked like this...
..and last night when we got home... her poor legs!
Can someone please explain that to me?

Brynn was a trooper! She did not cry once, she was such a good girl. By the 5th needle she did let out a little scream and then looked at me like "okay mom, that's enough" {I pointed to the nurse... what? I didn't do it.} But she was soooo good! She was talking to the doctor the whole time and laughing. Sigh. What an angel baby.

Carter, on the other hand, what a nightmare! He did NOT want to be there. He didn't like that the doctor was checking out his sister, but when she moved on to him he gave her a look like "no, you can torture my sister again." He brought his little soccer ball with him and all he wanted to do was play with the other kids in the waiting room. We could barley get his weight and height {actually we think his height is wrong, but it was like "okay, that's close enough."} so as soon as he was done, Bob took him outside so that I could finish the rest of the appointment with Brynn.

I'm happy to report that both kiddos are "perfectly healthy" {I mean, is there anything better a doctor could tell you?? I think not.} She said that Brynnie's tear duct was looking better and that she was doing things that she would check for on a 6 month old {i.e. pulling herself up when you hold her hands, etc.} Both kids are right on track with their milestones, which is always good to hear!

As for their stats...

Carter- 2 years
Weight: 34lbs {95%}
Height: 35in {75% but again, we think the height is wrong... whatever.}
Head: 95% {I always forget the measurements}

Brynn- 3 months
Weight: 17.5lbs {"off the charts"}
Height: 25.5in {95%}
Head: 95%

I make big babies.

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Cortney said...

You may make big babies, but they are adorable babies :)

Shaun said...

How did hubby hurt his knee?

jenni from the blog said...

@ Courtney- Aww, thanks!

@ Shaun- He twisted it when he bent down to pick something up and it gave out on him. He was holding Carter at the time, so he had to put him down quickly and hobble over to a seat!

He just has a bad knee... he's getting old {he'll be 30 in September ;)}

younger than my wife said...

Hey, I'm the one dating an older woman. And my knee is probably bad because I have to sleep in the craddle position all the time because you hog up our king size bed.

jenni from the blog said...

Hey, pipe down there old man...

sara said...

Gorgeous lovies!

I had that same striped onsie for Pie. I think she wore it once before the little chunk outgrew it!

Unknown said...

Brynn looks so serene- it's because she doesn't know better yet. Pretty soon, she'll start anticipating and fearing the doctors, too, like Mr.Carter seems to have done!

Jeannie said...

I'm so glad that both your babes are healthy as can be. You are so right...what more could you ask for :-)

Tessa said...

That's great that the kids are big and healthy! :) Mine start out big and then turn into peanuts. I'm not looking forward to our next appointment. There's nothing worse than holding down their little arms while they look at you smiling away, and then the look of shock on their face after the first needle!

Becki said...

Oh man! My little guy screams his head off the moment he sees the doc too. I think it's because he "knows" {or thinks he knows} what's coming. The 2 year visit should be just peachy with a new doc's office and likely a shot or two!

Katie said...

Poor girl having to get all those shots :( I am usually always more upset about shots than Emma is lol. Glad to hear that their appts. went well!!

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