26 August 2010


I love fall.

It's {by far} my absolute favorite season and I am so {so} super excited that it's {almost} here.

But... I'm trying not to look past the fact that I'll be spending the next week beach front with drink in hand.

However, once Labor Day hits, it's on...

Bring on the fall decorations, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the Sam Adams October Fest, the pumpkin patches, the hayrides, Halloween {though I hate this "holiday," my kids look awfully cute in a costume} and Thanksgiving. And let's not forget about the fall weather.

Bring. It. On. All of it.

Oh, and it also means that we're closer to Christmas!

le sigh.

Crap... I'm looking past my impending vacation again, aren't I?

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Jessica Hrouda said...

Ive already had some Octoberfest, couldnt resist when I saw it at the store a few weeks ago! Fall is my favorite season as well, cannot wait to head out to the pumpkin patch for the first time with our little one.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Jess- I refuse to have it until after I return from the beach! I'm sticking to Corona Light and Summer Ale until Labor Day ;)

Steph said...

Today felt like a fall morning! We need to plan a trip to the pumpkin patch again!

Kelli said...

I've already had some Octoberfest too! The weather the last few days has been wonderful. I little taste of the cooler fall weather that is to come. Hopefully!

I'm headed to the beach this weekend and I too think I'll wait to have Octoberfest till I get back.

sara said...

LOVE fall...got engaged in fall, got married in fall, found out about Pie in fall. Good stuff. And this year I get to enjoy it all with my very own chunk-a-monk! Can't wait!!!

Larissa: said...

ME TOO!!! I used to hate the fall, but once I was in college I was able to appreciate that season for all its beauty! Went to Mich. State Univ and that campus is BEAUTIFUL in the Fall! I'm sure you know what I'm talking about :-)

As I was reading this post I started cracking up because I had a flash back to your Christmas tree ordeal from last year :-) Hope you have another fun experience like that this year!!

Raising Baby Kiwi said...

Me, too!! I was just browsing online for some Pumpkin spice coffee....and now your post has me daydreaming about apple picking :-)

Becki said...

Oh man, I could have written this except for the part about the upcoming vacation ;) I LOVE fall and have missed it so much! The weather we've been having has made me want to start decorating already.

Jenna said...

Oh I thought the same thing morning! There must be something in the air. I can't wait for chili and football, pumpkin patches and Thanksgiving. OH Fall! I heart Thee!

Amy B said...

Me too! I CAN NOT wait for a pumpkin spiced latte, college football (only one more week!!) and "hoodie" weather!

Unknown said...

After being in the high 90s for about 2 weeks in MN, it's now in the 70s. It feels good and is definitly feeling like fall! So you know what you're going to dress the kids as for Halloween yet?

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