10 May 2010

"What do I know?"

That was my response to Bob a lot this weekend when he asked me if I was in labor.

Honestly, what do I know about going into labor? Yes, this is my second baby. Yes, I know what real contractions feel like. But I never went into labor on my own before.

So, what do I know?

When I was pregnant with Carter, I never had a single real contraction until I was induced at 38 weeks. I never felt crampy or close to labor at all. Was I uncomfortable? Umm...yes. He was 9.5lbs. But I never felt like I do right now.

When people hear that I'm at 5cm already, one of the first responses I hear is "well, at least your labor will be short!" And, while I completely see this logic and actually feel the same exact way... I also have to look at it from the other side. From my side.

This is the longest. labor. ever.

Think about it... it wasn't Braxton Hicks contractions that got me to 5cm. It's been almost 3 weeks of torture that got me that far. The inconsistent, but very real contractions. The awful cramps that aren't timable because they never stop.

And lets not forget about the fact that I have no idea when to actually make my way to the hospital.

Being at 5cm already, I obviously don't want to wait too long. But how long is that?

I'm sure the "when should I go?" fear is a common one, and I truly do believe that I'll just know. Like I've said before, I'm a very firm believer in trusting my body and my instincts and that, when it comes to child birth, it will just know what to do...

And it does. I've seen it.

So, I guess I just need to rely on that.

But what do I know?

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Steph said...

You poor thing. You will get to the hospital just in time to push! She'll be here soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh hon. That sounds like my pg with Landon. I had contrax for a month and was upset and confused. But having just gone into labor on my own I can tell you that you'll know. They'll be timeable! I am hoping it happens any second. I'm ready to meet this princess who is keeping her mama waiting ;)

christine52078 said...

Hope that everything with your labor goes the way you want it to~maybe next time you go to the doctor they'll tell you to go right to the hospital and then you won't have to go home and worry that it could happen at any given moment. I was 4cm with my daughter for a whole week(at week 39), then when I went for my weekly at 40weeks 2days, I was 5 cm and they told me to head on over. That pressure and uncomfortableness(sp?) I remember is the worst :( and to walk around like that you feel like the baby is going to drop out any second!
Hope you start to feel better and that your baby will be here and healthy sooner than later :)

Anonymous said...

You'll be fine mama. Trust me, you'll know when it's the real deal. Because while I know the contractions you are having now really do hurt, they are nothing compared to the contractions you have later in labor. Yowza.

jenni from the blog said...

Thanks girls!

@ Kristal- See, that's what I keep thinking too. I remember my Pitocin contractions and these measly things are NOTHING compared to them. And, after your natural birth, you would know, lol!

But then I think about all those mom's that deliver on the side of the road or a bathroom somewhere and can't help but think "how did that happen??" ...How did they not know to go to the hospital sooner???


Lacey said...

Honey, we're in the same uncomfortable boat!

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