18 May 2010

My Carter Man

With all this excitement over the new baby, I realized that I haven't blogged about Carter in a while.

He's steadily approaching the 2 year mark and I'm in slight denial over it. I actually designed his 2nd birthday invitations over the weekend {I promise to post them soon!} and I can't believe just how fast the past 2 years have gone.

He has grown up so much and I have seen so many big changes over the past few months. From his "big boy" looks to the way he speaks, understands, and interacts with us, it just amazes me.

Just look at the difference...
He is very much a "man's man" and is in total awe of his daddy. They're best friends. :) Honestly, if I thought about the people that Carter loves the most, I'd be lucky if I made the top 5! And they're alllll men {Uncle Ry Ry, Poppy, and Grandpop probably all have me beat!} But I'm okay with that... he comes to me as soon as he needs a hug, kiss, or some cuddle time, so I'll take that any day of the week! I'm also really looking forward to my maternity leave because it means I'll also get to spend a lot of time with my Carter Man and that just makes me so happy.

Some of my favorite things that he does right now:
  • Points to my MacBook and says "Tik Toc" or "Gaga" {yep, meaning Lady Gaga} so that we can watch music videos and dance. {He also calls the song "Bad Romance" the "Rah Rah" song.}
  • Kicks the soccer ball around and says "GOALLLLL" with his hands up in the air.
  • Sits at the dinner table with us on his booster seat. I just LOVE that he is part of the table and he just looks SO BIG!
  • Shouts out letters to the players when we watch Wheel of Fortune. He takes this game very seriously.
  • Rides his bike around the living room while ringing the bell.
  • Yells "cookie, cookie, COOKIE" and runs to the cabinet to bring us the box.
  • Says "Puh Puh PLEASSSSE" when he wants something.
  • Hands me things that he finds on the floor. {I just LOVE this and totally make a big deal when he does it, because I don't want him to pick up random things off the floor and put them in his mouth!}
  • Sits with me every night on the couch while he drinks his "milky". He just started pointing out the "bubbles!" in his milk too.
  • Watches "BASEBALL, BASEBALL" {Go Phillies!} at night, which he loves. Lately it's been the Flyers too {Go Flyers!} and Carter Man just loves yelling "GOALLLLLL" when they score. :)
  • Our bed time routine where he and I cuddle at night until we fall asleep {though lately I've been falling asleep before him!}
  • The way he says "sweet dreams" and "I love you"... it literally melts my heart.
He does so much more, but I just wanted to make a note {mostly for myself!} of all the wonderful things I just love about him right now.

Though, with all the sweet things I just mentioned, I must also tell you that he has a serious attitude problem. He gets mad pretty easily when he doesn't get his way and he's been spending some serious time on the step for not having his "listening ears on"... but that's to be expected, right? Or do I need to think about signing him up for Anger Management classes? Do they have them for 2 year olds?

And, last but not least... while I was home with my sinus infection last week, I did catch my little man dancing on camera. He has some sweet moves, but I, of course, couldn't catch them all on video. But you can see, when the music gets going, he starts his shoulder move, which I just LOVE. =)

{Please ignore my VERY annoying voice... again, it was at the peak of my sinus infection. Blah.}

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Steph said...

Love that shoulder action! And if you find an Anger Management course for 2 year olds, please let me know. We need one as well.

Jeannie said...

How sweet is he!! He is going to make one great big brother!

And those shoulders moves...watch out ladies :-)

Sara said...

I agree! If you find anger management classes for 2 year olds I want to know about it!

Jenni, I have been meaning to ask you. I just designed an invite for DD's first birthday and I am stuck as to where to print them. Any recommendations for quality on where I can get them printed 5x7 on card stock? Where do you send yours off to?

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Oh my goodness, that video is just the sweetest. We have a video of my brother when he was about 3. He was in a wedding, so he's decked out in a tux, and he's outside of the church busting out some crazy dance moves. It's hilarious!! You'll love these videos as he gets older and you can embarrass him with them. :)

And I love all the phrases parents come up with for things that their kids should be doing. "listening ears" is a cute one. :)

Larissa: said...

LOL! I was reading your blog and Brock was standing next to me. I showed him the video of Carter dancing... He looked at me, smiled, and started bustin' a move :-)

Very cute video!

Spoiled...but Not Rotten said...

I love the video! He is just too cute! I hate to tell you this, but the Anger Management issues don't get any better :( I thought things couldn't get worse when mine was 2. He is 4 now and yes, it can be worse!

I bet he will be a wonderful big brother!

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