01 April 2010

Growth Ultrasound

Let's just do a quick recap, shall we? I mean... why beat around the bush? I'll jump right in...
  • She's still a girl. The tech said she was 100% sure of it again =)
  • Our growth ultrasound showed her weighing over 5 pounds. Already.
  • She was measuring at 34+ weeks. {3+ weeks ahead}
  • She is in the 95th percentile overall for height and weight.
  • Her head and abdomen are in the 100th percentile.
  • My fluid levels were on the low side of normal, which means that I'm "all baby."
  • If she makes it to her due date, she's on track to weigh over 11 pounds.
  • The echogenic focus was still present on her heart.
  • Again, no other soft markers for Downs Syndrome were found. {Leaving our odds at 1 in 400}
  • My blood pressure was nothing short of amazing: 125/76.
  • Glucose and protein levels were normal.
  • No signs of pre-e again! {well, not yet anyway...}
  • I gained 2 pounds since my last appointment... my total is now up to 17 pounds at 31 weeks.
The tech said that the growth ultrasound can be +/- a pound in either direction, however she's found the new machine to be very accurate at predicting the baby's weight {it was dead on with Carter.}

Right now, we're just in "wait and see" mode. My next appointment is on April 13th with my doctor {the one that I LOVE and the one that delivered Carter} so I look forward to talking to her about the ultrasound results as well as what the plan is for the birth of this baby. {Again, due to the complications I had after Carter, I know that she won't want the baby to get too big.}

I sure do love me some big babies though. =)

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Sarah said...

OMG! I hope they don't let you go to your due date.

Glad to hear everything else looks good though!

Anonymous said...

Her head is the 100 percentile? I don't know whether to laugh or cry for you.

LKV said...

WOW!!! I can't believe she is so big already, looks like she will be coming along early!! Can't wait to see your cutie. :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, nother big baby for you. Your doctor will help you and make the right decision. But hey, seems like you and I are right on the same course and maybe Brynn will even be born before baby B! In that case, I will be happy for you but also I will be a little bit jealous of you too ;)

I figured out this past weekend that I am DONE being pregnant. For serious.

jenni from the blog said...

@ Kristal- I think I cried a little when she told me that.

@ Molly- I can't wait to talk to MY doctor about it and see what she thinks of everything! Both baby B's will be here before we know it =)

PS- I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and I feel done too! Already. I don't want her to come this early... I just wish it was May, lol.

Debbie said...

Wow! She is a big baby:)
I'm following you from Friday Follow.

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