19 March 2010

Your Three Words

Yep, you read that right. At my appointment yesterday, my doctor told me that I am now measuring over 3 weeks ahead.

Now, there would be little cause for concern for the average pregnant women, considering that belly measurements have a lot to do with fluid levels and not the baby's size.

But not for this pregnant mama.

It was a major cause for concern considering the big baby trend that runs in our family. Let's recap, shall we...

Ben {nephew} 10lbs 2 oz, born on his due date.
Grace {neice} 9lbs 12 oz, born 1 week early.

And let's not forget....
Carter {handsomely, adorable son} 9lbs 5oz, born 2 weeks early.

Because my belly measurement has nearly tripled {ahead} in just 4 weeks, my doctor wants to perform a growth ultrasound at my next appointment on March 31st {31w4d} to get an idea of her size. I will then have another growth ultrasound done at 35w5d for precautionary measures.

This worries me for several reason, but the main being that I had major complications after the birth of Carter {blood clots, hemorrhaging, major drop in BP, etc.} so there is medical concern that this may happen again due to the baby's size. Of course, I do not want to be induced too early {and my docs won't take the baby before 37 weeks, thankfully} but waiting too long also puts me at a greater risk of needing a c-section, which is something that I do NOT want, for obvious reasons. At this point, it's a "wait and see" kinda thing.

In other news...
1) My BP was still good.
2) I only gained 3 pounds this month.
3) My glucose levels were normal.

{And considering the sandwich, cheese fries, AND ice cream cone that I had for lunch yesterday before my appointment, #'s 2 & 3 are truly a miracle}

So, my total weight gain is now 15 pounds in 30 weeks. I'm very happy with that... especially since a lot of that weight can be blamed on my monster baby.

Okay, so maybe not a lot. But still...

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Anonymous said...

The "ahead" stuff seems so foreign to me. I have a feeling I'm gonna have a pipsqueak again ;) Although he did have a head in the 97th%. Definitely NOT FUN trying to get him out ;)

Mrs. Sanchez said...

Good luck with all the baby news. Seriously, I think 15 pounds weight gain is REALLY good so far.

I am sure monster baby will be the cutest giant infant ever.

I'm following you via FF.

Follow back at http://jotgiveaways.blogspot.com

Suzanne said...

It amazes me how different babies grow in utero. I had to have a growth ultrasound with Mady, but that was because I was measuring small. She was born 6 days late and still only weighed 6lbs, 3oz.

This time around I specifically asked to have my c-section as late as possible, not because I love being pregnant, but because I don't want to have a baby that weighs too little considering he'll be born over a week before Mady was.

Shan said...

oh gosh!!!So that means your 31ish wks?!
holy moly!! Stay in there Brynn!

Sara said...

HOLY CRAP you bake babies fast!

Also, a big kudos to you on only gaining 15 lbs in 30 weeks! I am pretty sure that with Grace I had gained 30 pounds already @ 30w. I gained 45 total (although 9 of that was fluid in my ankles) and I am still trying to fight the last 10 off and she is 8 months old!

I can't wait to see pictures of your precious Brynn!

Courtney said...

Wow mama! Three weeks ahead, that makes one big baby. But think of all that yummy newborn squishiness that you'll be able to love on! :)

Carla said...

It still sounds like you're doing well overall! That's great weight gain, Jenni!

Stephanie @ Figments said...

Hi there - stopping by on Follow Friday. Cute blog! Good luck with the new baby!

Debbiedoos said...

You are doing awesome!~ 15 lbs is nothing, I am sure you will taper off on the growth spurt, it will even out! Big babies in our family too...I was two weeks early, had to be induced and my first son was almost 10lbs, second 9lbs....I love big babies!

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