30 March 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top 2 Tuesday topic: Random facts about yourself

Hmmm.... let's see, I'm gonna go really random with this one...

1. I can't get dressed in the morning unless I throw my outfit in the dryer first. It makes your clothes feel fresh and takes out all the wrinkles. Not to mention that they're warm when you put them on =)

2. I could live on cereal and be perfectly content.

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kacy said...

1. ditto
2. ditto

Molly said...

Too funny about number 1, sounds like a good idea though!

Um DITTO on number 2. I did that with both of my pregnancies, seriously couldn't get enough of the stuff!

Unknown said...

Dropping by for Top 2...Hmm, great idea on number 1.

ashley said...

ohmigosh Jen, I could've written this word.for.word. lol! In our pantry we have at least 4 different brands of cereal. I always make such a big deal about which to eat, I'm so indecisive! lol

Shan said...

lol you're so cute!
My #1 would probably be...that I can belch on command, and am proud of it.

And my #2, prior to pregnancy, would have been that I'm lactose intolerant. Now...not so much! I can drink milk without fear...which means bowls of Frosted Flakes at any given time of the day! :)

The Undomestic Mom said...

I alwyas throw my clothes in the dryer too! Because I cant iron! and Im the same way with cereal...I always eat if for dinner and lunch haha!

Unknown said...

I looove cereal! Chocolate especially!

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