23 March 2010

30 weeks

I have officially entered the forth quarter, but, with the way this baby is growing, I can't help but think that I only have 7 or 8 weeks left. Yikes...

Like I mentioned before, my appointment last week went well... I only gained 3 pounds {bringing the total up to 15} and my BP and glucose levels look really good. The baby is measuring over 3 weeks ahead so our growth ultrasound next Wednesday should give us a better idea of how much she weighs at this point.

Because I am STILL convinced that this baby is a boy {despite the TWO ultrasounds that we've had stating otherwise} I will ask the ultrasound tech to check the sex of the baby once again to confirm that she's still a girl. =)

I can't wait to see him her again.

Pregnancy: 30 weeks {belly pic taken at 30w1d}

Weight Gain: 15 pounds total

Sleep: I've been sleeping well, for the most part... though I feel like I'm tossing and turning more now and it's harder to get comfortable. Still not waking up to go to the bathroom though =)

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: Overall, I'm still feeling pretty well. I am starting to get uncomfortable if I sit for long periods of time... my belly and ribs start to ache. Which then makes me feel agitated {and I hate that feeling.}

Health: Still swelling, but BP looks good. Acid reflux is still awful, and even Zantac is starting to let me down. We've been best friends this whole time... I may be moving on to something stronger, soon.

Movement: She's going to be a soccer player, for sure.

Belly: Still huge. No stretch marks and very light linea negra.

Next Appointment: Wednesday, March 31st at 31w4d.

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Mrs Gloves said...

I am sorry to say this but after you seeing you this weekend, I don't know how it's possible for you to hold out 7-8 weeks! Love them monster babies!

Candace said...

You look good! Yay! for big, beautiful babies :).

Cati said...

You look so cute!! I can't wait to see nursery pics!

jenni said...

Thanks girls!!

@ Steph- thanks for the words of encouragement, mama. I'm tellin' ya... I need a support belt soon!

MrsKBJ said...

You look super cute!! I love the color of your top! I hope she decides to come a week or two early for you, your poor belly!!! (and back) :)

mrs.g said...

I can't believe you don't have any stretch marks! Lucky mama!

Anonymous said...

You are such a gorgeous pregnant woman! And go you for only gaining 15 pounds so far. With that monster baby coming out, you'll have almost nothing left to lose! (And I say that with love, from one monster baby mama to another)

Mommy Moreno from mommymoreno.blogspot.com said...

You look great!! Cant wait to meet her! Youre getting sooo close :D

Jenn said...

You really are one of the cutest pregnant girls I've ever known! You look great!

Jenn said...
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SweepTight said...

What a cutie pie! Just stopping by from the Friday Follow. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
~Jennie @ http://sweeptight.blogspot.com/

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