16 March 2010

29 Weeks: Bare Belly

I'm going to be brave again and post another bare belly pic just to show you all how massive this thing really is. It's hard to believe that I technically have 11 weeks left, though I can almost guarantee that I won't make it that far.

So, without further ado...

I'm much lower this time then I was with Carter. I'm sure, by the end, it'll feel like she's literally going to fall out of my belly. I might even be one of "those" mom's that need to buy a support band just to walk around in public. Boy, I sure hope not.

Pregnancy: 29 weeks {belly pic taken at 29w1d}

Weight Gain: 12 pounds total

Sleep: Still pretty good. Although I have a bladder of steal, if Carter happens to wake up at any point in the middle of the night, I do have to go to the bathroom. But I don't wake up on my own to go.

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: My belly aches now. Already. My ribs hurt almost constantly and I just feel... huge.

None of my t-shirts fit anymore and I often get made fun of because my belly sticks out of the bottom. I actually had to wear a t-shirt to work today for a student event that we're having for finals week {candy buffet... woot woot!} and I actually had to pick out a bigger size when I got to the office because my usual medium t-shirt no longer fit me.

Stop laughing, it's not funny. At least that's what I had to tell my sister this morning. And Bob. And all my coworkers. I think I even heard Carter laughing at me.

Health: Swelling is getting worse. Rings are officially retired. Flip flops are starting to get a bit tight {already.} I'm eager to see what my weight and blood pressure are at my appointment this week.

Movement: She. Doesn't. Stop. Moving.

Belly: No stretch marks. Yet. For some reason I do think I'm going to get them this time. I mean look at that thing. It has a mind of it's own. I guess it kinda does...

But I don't really care about stretch marks... I mean, what can ya do? Their badges of honor for what our bodies go through, right? {Is that what I'm "suppose" to say? I think it is...}

Next Appointment: This Thursday, March 18th at 29w5d. I wonder how far ahead she's measuring. I'm scared.

Oh, and yes the belly pictures we're taken in Brynn's nursery...it's coming along perfectly!

The stripes are painted, the furniture is in {except one of the dressers was damaged so BRU ordered us a new one}and everything is coming along. This weekend we're going to put in the chair rail and I'm making a trip to Ikea to buy a few fun things.

I'm not going to show you any updated pictures, though. I want to wait until everything is done and then write a post about the final product. I'm so excited to see everything come together!

Okay, fine. You talked me into one picture. But that's it.
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Anonymous said...

Oh girlie, the belly is BEAUTIFUL! Wear it proud! I soooo think you're having her in early/mid May. It will be SO fun to go through this together with you.

Crystal said...

Ugh, I remember that feeling all too well! Keeping my fingers crossed you go early (but not too early) ;)

LOVE Brynn's room. Its gorgeous!!

Shan said...

oh my that's a beautiful belly!!! Great job on the stripes as well lady - I can't wait to see what it all looks like when it's pulled together!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful belly Jenni! Really, you look amazing.

You are definitely carrying a lot lower this time - crazy how it changes from one pregnancy to another. And isn't it wild to look at your massive belly, but then think that you've only gained 12 pounds?! Crazy how that works!

jenni from the blog said...

Aww, thanks so much girlies!

@ Kristal- I thought the same thing. How is it only 12lbs!?! I'm actually positive it will be much more then that after Thursday's appt, lol.

Also, my doc said that 2nd pregnancies are usually lower b/c your stomach muscles aren't as strong. Makes sense, but geez. I feel like I have a beer belly, lol.

Beckie @ Wishuponastardesign said...

You look FAB!!! :) The nursery does too!

staci said...

You look great and so does Brynn's room! I can't wait to see the final pics.

Anonymous said...

Did you spray tan yourself?

Larissa: said...

You look great! I'm so jealous that you have NO stretchmarks and you're on your 2nd kid!! I got horrible stretchmarks with Brock :-(

I also used a maternity support band with my 2nd pregnancy because I was carrying her very low. It helped so much and honestly, you couldn't even tell I had it on! You should get one because by the end, walking and moving around will be very uncomfortable!

Can't wait to see the finished room!!!

jenni from the blog said...

@ anonymous- No, why do I look tan? I think it's the lighting!

Debbiedoos said...

That is a darn nice fake Jenni!!~ Who cares you really can't tell, I never was into the whole bling bling, I like all my fake jewelery!~

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