23 February 2010

26 weeks

On Friday night, I headed out to a work dinner for our annual "Engineer of the Year" gala. It was at The Rittenhouse which is just gorgeous!

I got home around midnight {so tired!} and thought I'd take a belly shot real quick. I must brag that I wore knee-high hooker boots with this dress and, although my feet were killing me by the end of the night, it looked adorable!
...and another one from Saturday morning before we headed off to 3, yes THREE, parties:
I had an appointment last Thursday that went really well. I took {and PASSED} my 1 hour glucose test which I'm still shocked about. Because I failed the 1 hour with Carter, I just assumed that I would fail it again, but nope =) The 3 hour test is torturous so I'm very happy that I don't have to go through that again!

As you can see from my answers below, I'm up to 12 pounds gained so far. Not too bad for 26 weeks in my opinion {at least that's what I'm telling myself} but I do blame all the snow storms for me almost doubling my total weight gain in just 4 short weeks. There were 2 large storms that kept us stuck in the house for 4 or 5 days... what else is there to do besides eat a lot of junk food?? Exactly! I'm soooooo ready for Rita's water ice and flip flops. So ready.

My BP looked great, only slightly elevated and baby girl's heartbeat was nice and strong at 140bpm. With the monster babies we have in our family, it's not surprising that Brynn is already measuring over a week ahead. Carter got up to measuring over 3 weeks ahead, so we already know that she is going to be big. A growth ultrasound will be scheduled somewhere around 34-35w just to get an idea of what we're dealing with here.

I love me some big babies =)

26 weeks {belly pic taken at 26w0d & 26w1d}

Weight Gain: 12 pounds total.

Sleep: Wonderful.

Gender: Girl

Name: Brynn Sophia

Feeling: Still feel great. My rib pain is awful, but I try to take frequent breaks. It tends to hurt the most while sitting in my office chair {which I love, so that makes me sad.} I know it's only going to get worse.

Health: Acid reflux is the devil.

Movement: I've determined that baby girl is a big Bruce Lee fan, like her father. She's been practicing her kung fu. A lot.

Belly: No stretch marks {yet}. Belly button is out. Linea Negra is very faint, but can be seen under my belly button.

Next Appointment: Thursday, March 18th at 29w5d. Then my 2 weeks appointments begin!

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Mommy Moreno said...

adorable as always!

Liz said...

Super cute options! Here's to hoping someone has a review or can give another suggestion. I'm in the same boat for a suit and I need to get mine order soon - for beginning of June. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! The dress is super cute! Seriously, it will be exciting to see when Brynn is born. I really think you're going to go early.

staci said...

If you ever want to unload all those absolutely adorable maternity clothes I'll take'm! :0)

Glad you and baby Brynn are healthy!

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